Do I Have Trypophobia? Your Daily life checked


What is trypophobia?

Trypophobia - a fear of a cluster of small-packed holes or bumps. 

This is a rare type of phobia. One that is also rarely talked about. However, there are just as rare phobias that are discussed with the general public. So, why don’t we shed light upon this one? Many people with this phobia will have an open medium to learn that they are not alone! 

Do I have trypophobia? 

This is the question you be wondering right now. As this is a generally unknown type of fear, you may just not be compartmentalizing all the queasy feelings into one general phobia. 

And this quiz is meant to uncover whether you have it or not. 

The general symptoms include such feelings as: 

  • queasiness 
  • nausea
  • fear 
  • goosebumps 
  • panic attacks 

These feelings come when you see certain sort of things - clusters of small holes or bumps. Among such things that could trigger the phobia is 

  • honeycomb 
  • strawberry bumps
  • a lotus head
  • corals 
  • bubbles 
  • cantaloupe seeds 
  • foam

These are only a few examples of the things that can trigger this phobia. I hope you have a general idea now. So, if you have it, you’ll recognize the symptoms. 

Remember that phobia is a strong involuntary feeling. If you are simply not comfortable seeing the images but don’t feel the sudden rush of feelings that suffocate you, it’s just general disgust, not a phobia. 

Why is a trypophobia test necessary?

A test is necessary to determine the source of your troubles. Often, identifying a problem is half the solution. Thus, I’d like you to know what you are dealing with. And you’d be no longer facing the uncertainty, which may be a frightening feeling on its own! 

So, do you think that a trypophobia test is necessary for people? Or is it necessary for you specifically? Anyway, I would recommend you to pass this quiz specifically to learn whether you are susceptible to the condition or not! 

Many people live with such a condition without knowing exactly what they are afraid of! And here is where such tests come in handy! They’ll nudge you in the right direction so you can learn the matter more in-depth. And I hope the test will be able to help many people come to terms with their feelings and insecurities. 

What’s the basis of trypophobia?

The basis of trypophobia is the similarity between the mentioned clusters of bumps/holes and human illnesses. The similarities between trypophobia are a subject that looks incredibly similar to human infections and various skin diseases. Blisters on the skin look incredibly similar to the trypophobia patterns.

This fear can be connected to human fear of illness and death! And that is absolutely understandable for all humans! Thus, you may treat it as a fear of germs. People are understanding of that, so why not this type of phobia? 

Anyway, I have to warn you that the images in the test are meant to trigger some reaction from you. Thus, I apologize beforehand for the unpleasant feelings you may experience in the process. 

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