Click-Per-Second Test

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What is the CPS test?

The CPS test, or Click-Per-Second test, is a straightforward 10-second challenge. Your goal is to click as rapidly as possible before the time runs out. You're encouraged to attempt this test as many times as you'd like, aiming for your highest score, which is measured in CPS (Clicks Per Second). Our extensive data indicates that the average CPS is 6.69, with the recognized world record standing at 14.1, as per Google's records. It's worth noting that individuals may achieve slightly higher scores on mobile or tablet devices compared to desktop. Do you think you have what it takes to surpass these numbers?

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Please remember, you can attempt this test as many times as you wish. Your highest CPS result will be considered your official CPS score. After each attempt, there's a "Try again" button available for you.

How CPS (Clicks Per Second) test works?

After the test time is up, you'll receive your final score, which is measured in CPS (clicks per second). This CPS result is determined by finding the average number of clicks in relation to the duration of the CPS test; it's a ratio of the clicks to the seconds played (CPS = number of clicks / number of seconds). Essentially, the quicker you click your mouse, the higher your CPS score will be.

Which time interval to choose?

For the highest chance of achieving rapid clicks per second and earning high scores, opt for a 5-second time interval. This duration is set as the default and allows you to attain your best CPS scores. Choosing any time interval longer than 5 seconds may lead to less accurate results based on your capabilities. We find 5 seconds to be the most suitable duration, as anything longer might cause a decline in finger speed over time. Opting for the shorter interval ensures the most precise results.

Our CPS tester is completely free and you can take it as many times as you'd like. To start over, simply click the "Try again" button, allowing you to practice and aim for an improved score and faster clicking ability. A click speed of 6 to 9 clicks per second is considered good, falling within the average rating. Did you know that the world record, according to Google, is 14.1 CPS? Join the speed clicker test experiment and get ready to challenge formidable players, aiming to surpass the best scores on the internet!

Our tips & hints for faster clicking

We have some valuable tips to help you achieve your highest possible scores. There are specific techniques and hand positions that can enable you to consistently click faster. While there are various methods known to enhance clicking speed, the most crucial advice is to keep your hand relaxed. Utilizing two fingers can further increase your speed. Ensure the gap between your finger and the mouse is minimal to maximize efficiency. Additionally, press the button gently to prevent unintended mouse movement and maintain a steady clicking pace.

Another suggestion is to consider the type of mouse you're using. We recommend using a specialized gaming mouse, as it can enhance your click rate due to its increased flexibility and suitability. Ensure your mouse is correctly installed and optimized for sensitivity settings to participate effectively in our CPS test. Keep in mind that the touchpad on a laptop is generally less powerful for this purpose than a mouse.

It's worth noting for our users that a stable internet connection is essential, as the test is conducted online.

CPS Counter: Gaming Training

The CPS test is an engaging speed challenge, and it's also an excellent tool to enhance your clicking speed, ultimately boosting your performance in your preferred games. Click speed holds significance in certain games, such as Minecraft. This platform offers you the chance to elevate your click speed and refine mouse control, equipping you to outplay your rivals in your favored games. For instance, with an elevated click speed, you'll gain increased efficiency in combat or shooting games.