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 Have you ever observed the strong women in your life, on television, and around the world? Does it make you doubt your ability as a strong woman? Being self-assured is essential to being a strong woman. By taking this test, we hope you'll start a fascinating journey of self-love and respect. Keep in mind that you are wonderful and ideal just the way you are! Always remember that the adversities you have been through have made you an incredible person. We genuinely wish that you live a life that is brimmed with success and love.   
am i strong quiz

What strong women do:

Make their own decisions

 Powerful individuals don't perform any extraordinary feats. They undertake difficult life decisions as one of their many activities. If a person isn't strong enough, they choose to let someone else decide rather than making the decision themselves. They should always look beyond the present. It’s essential to predict what you’ll do in the future and sometimes predict it and prepare yourself for the worst. 

Say what they think

 Strong women typically don't attempt to be Subtle with their words; instead, they speak from the heart. Knowing for yourself that your word is your deed and vice versa is crucial. The majority of people worldwide are unaware of that. 

Know their worth

 A powerful lady recognizes her worth and will not sacrifice it for anything. Since you should always put yourself first, no one else should come before you. But each of them comes with inner calm and constructive thought, which are difficult to acquire. 

I'm A Strong Woman. Am i?

 Are you now prepared to take the test? You'll see what kind of personality you have. How can you describe yourself as a woman? Have you ever pondered your strength as a strong woman? We urge you to attempt this quiz to properly comprehend your role as a strong woman. A strong or resilient woman needs to have self confidence in herself. We believe that after completing this quiz, you can begin an exhilarating journey of acceptance and self-love. Always keep your value and worth in your mind. Give this quiz a try and be ready to become a better version of yourself. All the best with this reflective quiz.         

Am I a Strong Woman. 100% Honest Quiz Questions

how strong am i quiz Do you love yourself?
  • Yes

  • Yeah, I try to

  • Yes, but I try to put others first sometimes

  • No, I think I’m not that important.

how strong am i quiz Do you make your own decisions?
  • Yes, always.

  • Yeah! But I take others opinion as well

  • I try my best to do it

  • No, I let others decide.

how strong am i quiz Do you think failures are also important in life?
  • Yes, but picking yourself up after falling is more important

  • I try my best not to fail, but I do; I try to accept my reality.

  • I am not sure

  • Failure is my biggest fear.

how strong am i quiz Can you be on your own?
  • yes,I can be

  • I'm working on it

  • Not Sure

  • I hate to be alone

how strong am i quiz Which female superhero inspires you?
  • Captain Marvel

  • Scarlet Witch

  • Wonder woman

  • She-Hulk  

how strong am i quiz Do people around you often say that you’re strong?
  • Yes, all the time

  • Yes, my family tells me that.

  • No, nobody has ever said that to me.

  • I don’t remember anything like that

how strong am i quiz Do you buy your own stuff?
  • Yes, almost everything

  • Yeah, I try to bear most of my own expenses

  • My BF buys me the stuff

  • My parents buy things for me

how strong am i quiz Does what other think about you bother you?
  • Not at all

  • No, as far as I know I am doing the right thing

  • Yeah sometimes

  • Yes, always

how strong am i quiz Do you think you’re beautiful?
  • Yeah, I suppose I look alright

  • It depends on what day it is

  • Maybe, never thought about it that much

  • No, I think I am ugly.

how strong am i quiz What would you do if you start a business and it fails?
  • I would learn from my mistakes and start a new business

  • I would feel sad but would think of how I could make it successful.

  • I would find a job

  • I would get depressed

how strong i am quiz Do you think taking care of yourself is actually selfishness?
  • No, self-care is very important

  • No, everybody should take care of themselves in all aspects, not only looks.

  • I think

  • Yes, I think you should focus on others rather than yourself.

how strong i am quiz Who pays when you go out with your BF?
  • We split the bill in half

  • I pay for what I eat and vice versa.

  • I pay

  • He pays

how strong i am quiz How often do you read a book?
  • I love to read

  • If I have time

  • I barely read

  • I don’t get time to read

how strong i am quiz What would you do if your car breaks down on a highway?
  • I’d try to find help around me

  • I’d call the mechanic

  • I’d call my Bf for help

  • I’d panic and start crying

how strong i am quiz What do you do when somebody starts to fight with you?
  • I keep my calm and walk away

  • I wait for the person to calm down to discuss the matter calmly

  • I fight with them

  • I start crying

how strong are you quiz Do you think it’s okay to cry?
  • Yes, it’s okay to express your feelings

  • Yeah, but not all the time.

  • No, only weak people cry

  • I cry all the time

how strong are you quiz What do you feel when you see someone happy?
  • I feel happy for them

  • I celebrate with them

  • I don’t feel anything

  • I feel a bit jealous

how strong are you quiz Do you have any plans for future?
  • Yes, I have everything planned out

  • I have some things planned and some things not planned.

  • I am waiting for the right moment to plan

  • I don’t know what I am gonna do with my life

how strong are you quiz Do people say that they look up to you?
  • Yes, a lot of the people have said that to me

  • Yeah, I am humbled

  • Nobody has ever said that to me

  • No, people don’t like me

how strong are you quiz Where do you live?
  • I have my own place

  • I live with my parents but am planning to move out soon

  • I live with my BF

  • I live with my parents because I don’t want to be alone.

what kind of woman am i quiz Do you spend a lot of your time on social media?
  • No, I hardly get any free time.

  • No,just a little time to know what's going on.

  • Yes,but I have it.

  • Yeah, that’s my favourite thing to do.

what kind of woman am i quiz Do you often hide your feelings?
  • No, I express what I feel

  • Sometimes, but not always.

  • Yeah, I do

  • I try to hide my feelings but I can’t do it.

am i a strong woman Do you think you’re a strong woman?
  • Yes, I do.

  • Yeah, but I have weak moments too

  • I am not sure

  • No, I am not strong at all

how strong am i quiz How much does your life revolve around you BF/Husband?
  • I don’t need a man. I am enough for myself

  • We have a great bond but I don’t depend on him

  • I hang out with him a lot but not all time

  • I totally depend on him for my happiness

how strong am i quiz If somehow you get kicked out of your place, what would you do?
  • I’d try to keep my cool and think of the people who could help me find a place.

  • I’d go to my parents’/friend’s house

  • I would go to my BF’s place if he would let me stay there.

  • I’d panic

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