Am I That Annoying? Truth Revealed

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 3 months ago
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 Yes, you are annoying! Well, according to at least one person for sure. 
People are highly subjective and moody; if you do just one thing, not to their liking, they’ll consider you annoying and will generally dislike you. This is how some people are. 

Considering this type of question - yes, you are annoying. With that in mind, this quiz is about objectively looking at how you communicate with people and treat them. 
Are you annoying to many people? That is the question. This is where the fun begins. 

Now, there are many ways a person can be annoying. You’ll see them soon in the quiz. However, I’d like to introduce several people’s pet peeves right here, so you know what to expect right away. 

Annoying Person Peeves

A Know It All

 A quick disclaimer: this is not my pet peeve; I can be a “know-it-all.” Well, I’m not the smartest person, but if I know something about the topic, I’ll share it. Yes, I am annoying and not only cause of this. Generally, people dislike those who are more intelligent than them and flaunt it. If you are a timid genius, people adore you. If you are a confident genius - not so much. And it’s not only about geniuses; people just don’t like to be overshadowed. 


 This is a common pet peeve of many people. We generally don’t like clingy people, especially if you are an introvert and someone wants to hang out or talk all the time. People need alone time and generally respect independent individuals. So clinginess is commonly viewed as a weakness. 

Too cheerful

 You would be surprised how being too cheerful can annoy people. That is until you meet such a person. Once in a lifetime is annoying. If a person is always happy, smiling, and too loud, they seem fake and just “too much.” You can’t help but wonder what is wrong with you if you are not cheerful 24/7. And that’s not a pleasant experience. 

Complaining Too Much

 That is another side of the coin. Being sad and combining all time is rather annoying as well. People balance in such things. Besides, people who complain too much drag down the mood of everybody around all the time. Try to enjoy your life more and pay attention to its positive sides.
am i annoying

What Is This Annoying Quiz About?

 Yes, this quiz can be annoying as well. Let’s all just feel free to be annoying and enjoy our lives the way we want to. 

After all, you should be comfortable and just be yourself. You’ll find true friends this way. 
Overall, this quiz will test whether you display the generally-recognized annoying features that people have reported in numerous surveys. 
How many and their severity will determine whether you are annoying or not. 

Am I That Annoying? Truth Revealed Questions

annoying quiz Do you like to brag?
  • yes, I enjoy myself

  • only humbly

  • well, not on purpose

  • no, I rarely brag

am i annoying Do you have a habit of constantly being "in your phone" even when meeting/talking with people?
  • yes, all the time

  • not when actively talking at least

  • only when I have something urgent to do

  • not really

am i annoying How much are you into perfume?
  • much! I wear it all the time and heavily

  • while, I wear it on special occasions but go all out

  • just something nice from time to time

  • very rarely/never

am i annoying Do you ever use ALL CAPS when typing or insert to many "......"
  • yes

  • no

  • very very rarely

am i annoying quiz Do you ever just almost finish a food and put a container back in the fridge
  • no, never

  • not intentionally at least

  • sometimes, not too often

  • oh yes!

am i annoying In a grocery shop, do you put items back to where they belong if you decide not to buy them?
  • yes

  • no

  • yes unless I'm in a rush

am i annoying Are you a happy person who always smiles?
  • yes

  • no

am i annoying quiz Are you a sad person who always complains?
  • yes

  • no

am i annoying quiz Do you think your opinion is always correct?
  • yes, always

  • in most cases

  • no

am i annoying Do you have a habit of talking during movies?
  • well yes

  • only to discuss an important movie moment

  • not really

am i annoying test The dealbreaker: Do you change toilet paper rolls?
  • yes!

  • not always

  • rarely

  • never

am i annoying test Do you have a habit of changing your plans with others last minute?
  • yes, guilty of that

  • sometimes

  • no

am i annoying quiz Nail biting?
  • yes

  • only when stressed

  • never

am i annoying test Do you swear a lot?
  • yes

  • sometimes

  • I wear very rarely

  • I don't swear at all

am i annoying test Do you chew loudly?
  • I don't think so

  • probably yes

  • how should I know?

am i annoying test Do you correct people's grammar often?
  • yes, all the time

  • on occasion

  • no, very rarely

am i annoying test Do you like it better when a conversation revolves around you?
  • yes, it's pleasant

  • it should be about me all the time

  • not really

am i annoying test Admit it: do you ever cut in the line?
  • no

  • only in emergencies

  • sometimes, when nobody notices

  • yes, all the time

am i annoying test And do you stand too close to people in lines?
  • well, closer than some

  • close but not too close

  • no, I prefer enough distance

am i annoying test Do you ever use the phrase "no offense" at the start of a sentence?
  • yes

  • no

am i annoying? Are you a punctual person?
  • no

  • yes

how annoying am i quiz Do you tend to constantly talk about the topic you are "an expert" in?
  • sometimes

  • not until people ask my opinion 

  • yes, rather often 

am i annoying Do you always keep your word?
  • yes, always 

  • well, most of the time

  • no, not always 

  • honestly, I almost never keep my word 

am i annoying quiz Do you often have mood swings?
  • yes

  • no

are you annoying test Are you a sensitive person in general?
  • no 

  • I guess just like other people 

  • only on certain topics

  • yes, I am 

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