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 Fat is a strong word. In modern society, it’s perceived as a derogatory name. Thus, we’d all prefer to avoid it. However, if we deter from the extremes of “fat-shaming” people, we are left with the medical consequences of high fat percentage levels in the body. Therefore, let’s take into account purely scientific basics of carrying too much weight and its repercussions on the body. After all, we all would like to be healthy and live long, prosperous lives. So, to stay active and preserve the body’s health, you’ll have to take action. And it’s not about conforming to the fleeting society’s beauty standards. Instead, it’s about moving your body efficiently and powerfully. It’s about keeping your organs healthy and the whole system functioning well. 

Am I Fat?

 This quiz is meant to analyze your eating habits, activity levels, and general lifestyle choices. We cannot give you a medical diagnosis of obesity, though. We can only review the patterns and base our opinion on them. Thus, we sincerely ask you to be honest and answer all the questions as truthfully as you can. If no offered option describes your situation, choose the one that suits you best. Overall, we’d advise you to take the quiz lightly as a bit of fun. Do not judge yourself harshly. Instead, love yourself and strive to become a better version of yourself. This quiz will take only a few minutes of your time but may offer a valuable third-party view of your lifestyle choices. Whether you are ready for changes or not, welcome an opportunity for a push in a healthier direction. 

Fat Quiz Tips

 If you want to change your lifestyle and make healthier choices, you can start with these few steps to lower your fat percentage. 

Balanced Diet

 I do not know your diet choices personally, but there is always room for improvement. The best way to optimize your diet is scientific. Research macronutrients and the amounts of them you need to consume daily.
Am i Fat quiz
Nutrient counting for a few days will show you the approximate daily diet to gain all the necessary carbs, fats, and protein. Also, try to eliminate the notion of cheat meals or cheat days. For example, your favorite burger is not a “cheat,” it’s a treat that should be consumed in moderation and complemented with the stuff that balances the carbs/fats/protein ratio. 

Consult a Doctor

 Obesity is strongly connected to the chemistry in our bodies. In most cases, you’ll need to check your hormone levels and visit specific doctors if you have any imbalances or issues. However, it’s not only about the dietician or a nutritionist. In many cases, you’ll need to visit an endocrinologist and similar experts. 

Active Lifestyle

 A healthy body is a moving body. Inefficient and powerful ways. Up your general level of daily activity. You can with simple walks in the park or dance with your friends.
i am fat quiz
Fitness and gym are great options but should be implemented in moderation. Proper rest is crucial for everybody as well!
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Am I Fat? Healthy Lifestyle Quiz Questions

Am I fat test How often do you work out?
  • several times a week

  • several times a month but not regularly

  • I don't work out regularly or often

Am I fat test Do you track your daily steps?
  • yes

  • no

  • rarely, just on occasion

Am I fat test How any step do you have daily?
  • not counting

  • under 2k

  • 2-5k

  • 6+k

Am I fat test How much scientific knowledge do you have about nutrition?
  • probably 0

  • just a tiny bit

  • I have some knowledge

  • not all, obviously, but pretty much for a regular person

Am I fat test Do you have diagnosed diabetes?
  • yes

  • no

  • not diagnosed but I suspect it

Am I fat test Do you suffer from joint pain?
  • yes

  • no

Am I fat test Do you ever feel tired even on the rest days?
  • yes, often

  • just sometimes

  • almost never

Am I fat test Are you a sweaty person?
  • yes

  • no

  • only when working out

Am I fat test Is your digestive health in god condition?
  • yes, I rarely have issues

  • not really, I sometimes have unpleasant symptoms

  • no, it's really terrible

Am I fat test Are you a frequent dieter?
  • yes

  • no

Am I fat test Can you do a pushup?
  • yes, multiple!

  • only on my knees

  • no

Am I fat test Do you check your health regularly with professionals?
  • yes

  • no

Am I fat test When you go shopping, you
  • struggle to find your size

  • struggle to find your size still on racks (it's rather popular)

  • don't have such difficulties

Am I fat test Are you satisfied with your weight?
  • yes

  • no

Am I fat test Do you feel comfortable on the beach?
  • not comfortable at all

  • yes, I feel okay

  • somewhere in the middle

Am I fat test Have you ever worked out with weights?
  • yes

  • no

Am I fat test Are you familiar with the notion of food binging?
  • familiar? this is the way I live!

  • sadly, yes

  • sure, but I binge very rarely

  • not really

Am I fat test Do you often search for quizzes on this topic?
  • yes

  • no

Am I fat test After a whole night of partying with junk food, I
  • prefer to work out and eat healthy the next day

  • eat nothing next day

  • just eat more junk food the first thing in the morning tbh

Am I fat test How often do you weigh yourself?
  • every day

  • several time a week

  • several times a month

  • very rarely

Am I fat test Do you consider yourself fat?
  • yes

  • no

  • just a bit

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