Are You Top or Bottom? (NOT a Bunk Bed Quiz!)

By: Irene Kurylenko
Created: 4 months ago
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Are you top or bottom? This might seem like an easy question but the whole aspect of intimacy is way too confusing to be 100% sure of anything. If you are still unsure or simply would like to check what your daily habits might indicate, this quick test is perfect for you. 
Our personalities in daily lives do not always correlate with the same position in bed. However, certain habits and traits do indicate preferences! 
Now, if you are still unsure about the terminology and what it entails, let me direct you a bit.

Bottom or Top Quiz

bottom or top quiz

In intimate relationships, being a "top," "bottom," or "switch" refers to one's preferred role or position during your intimate moments with a partner.
Here's what each term typically entails:


A person who typically takes on the more active or dominant role during sexual activities. This usually involved taking the lead in guiding and initiating sexual encounters. Tops may enjoy being in control and directing the pace and intensity of sexual interactions.
In addition, this is often an indicator of the physical roles during intimacy being quite a direct reference to physically being somehow above the partner. 


A person who typically takes on the more passive or submissive role during sexual activities. Bottoms may derive pleasure from being receptive and surrendering to their partner's desires. A person gains pleasure by releasing control and relaxing. Although this role is typical for people more submissive in their daily activities, a huge percent of bottoms are actually leaders in life who just want to get rid of their constant stress. They relax and clear their mind from that stressful decision-making. 


A person who enjoys both top and bottom roles, or who alternates between them depending on the situation or their partner's preferences. Switches may enjoy the flexibility and variety that comes with being able to explore different roles within their sexual relationships.
Many people prefer variety and get tired of strict roles. Why limit yourself to being either top or bottom when you can follow your heart, emotions, stress levels, and overall energy that day? Adapt and be flexible. 

It's important to note that these terms describe sexual preferences and behaviors and do not dictate other aspects of a person's identity or personality. As mentioned before, while it can correlate with daily roles outside of bedroom activities, that’s not always the case. Many people do have distinct (often opposite) personalities in these settings. 
Also, it’s worth mentioning that preferences can also evolve over time. Do not be stuck in your ways if you are not fulfilled. It’s always good to experiment and learn our ever-changing preferences. Communication and mutual consent are essential in ensuring that all partners feel comfortable and satisfied in their intimate interactions.

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