Blackpink Bias Quiz

Blackpink Bias

Throughout the last decade, Asian music has spilled beyond the regions to gain international popularity. As a result, today, people worldwide are dreaming of visiting the concerts of their favorite Kpop groups. Some of us are lucky to live in a major city and get a visit from the bands for a concert or two. Others plan trips to Korea or follow Blackpink international tours to catch a glimpse of their bias.

Blackpink is one of the most popular and widely recognized Korean groups. Being an all-female band, the group comes with superb visuals. And this Blackpink bias quiz will reveal who of the girls should be your bias. And if you are not new to the group and already have one, be prepared to uncover your bias wrecker!

Blackpink consists of 4 girls, all of which are super cute with entirely different personalities. When choosing your bias, a variety of factors influence our decision. For some people, vocals are the determining factor as this is a music band, after all. For others, visuals are key. Many people focus on the girls’ characters and choose whether the most relatable or the one that they would like to be friends with.

The girls of Blackpink are Rose, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa.

  • Here are a few facts about them that may affect your preferences.

  • Jisoo is the oldest (25), and Lisa is the youngest (24).

  • Rose is the highest (168 cm).

  • Jisoo has a 4D personality and really like Pikachu!

  • Jennie is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English.

  • All the members are good in English except for Jisoo.

  • All girls except Jennie prefer cute guys, not the sexy ones.

  • Girl nicknames: Jisoo “Man Heart’s Destroyer, Jennie “Human Gucci/Chanel”, Rose “Blackpink’s Goddess”, Lisa “Thailand Princess”.

  • Lisa’s parents changed her name after fortune-telling.

  • Rose took part in the Korean version of The Masked Singer.

  • Rose is the shyest out of all members.

  • Currently, Jennie is the only Blackpink member with a solo project.

  • Jisoo has super skills of balancing anything on her body.

  • Offstage, Lisa is very mischievous and “has swag”.

  • Jennie is the best cook out of all girls.

  • Rose loves to eat and is the “foodsie” of Blackpink.

  • Jisoo comes up with the cringiest dad jokes.

  • Jennie perfectly balances her “death stare” and aegyo.

I hope that these cute little facts of this Blackpink bias test help you in getting to know these girls better.

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