In A Fantasy World, This Is The Character Archetype You'd Be

By: Irene Kurylenko
Created: 3 months ago
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In the realm of fiction, certain fantasy archetypes stand as pillars, shaping the landscapes and characters within. From the noble knight wielding a blade of justice to the cunning rogue skirting the edges of morality, each archetype embodies timeless traits that resonate with readers. Wizards command the forces of magic, while elves exude grace and mystique. Dwarves forge mighty weapons in the heart of mountains, and dragons soar through skies as symbols of power and wisdom. These archetypes often derive from legend and myth. They invite readers to embark on journeys filled with adventure, danger, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.
Now, have you ever wondered what common fantasy archetype you are? What would be your character like if you were born in or transported to a fantasy world right now? Those worlds of sword and sorcery are drastically different from our own and you might find yourself making certain decisions you’d never even think about here. 
Different fantasy worlds have their specific rules but what would be your role in a generic world of fantasy fiction? You can find out right now?

Fantasy Fiction Archetypes

Now, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of common character archetypes in fantasy books. They cover various occupations, moral views, and roles in worldbuilding. And while we would like to dive deeper in the fantasy world, in this quiz, we are covering only 5 of the most common archetypes in fantasy fiction. 


Are you a runaway princess? The secret heir of a deposed dynasty? Your choice! But how are you gonna get your throne and rule the country? That’s what matters.


Your dashing personality and shining charisma would make you the best pirate in the seven seas (or how many are there in  your fantasy world?) In fantasy, you can choose to be a somewhat noble pirate as well! 


A wizard, a sorcerer, a witch, a druid, a necromancer…the list goes on and on. And that’s the beauty of fantasy worlds - magic is real. If you are not lucky to be born with it, simply study it! 

Lonely Villain 

Now this is where your imagination has no limits. A villain is a villain - they are plotting, power-hungry, and self-centred. At the same time, your craft/your profession is a flexible matter. Choose wisely. 


You are a creative and expressive personality. How about becoming a travelling bard? Visiting cities, sharing your stories, your poetry, and music with the common folk? 

This is it for now. These are your options in this book. So, what fantasy archetype are you? Do you feel a strong connection to any of them? Let’s check your intuition and compare your gut feeling with the result. Share your archetype in the comments section below!  

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