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Updated: 8 months ago
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Game of Thrones was arguably the most influential TV show of the decade. It brought series to a new level of sophistication that many modern movies lack. Every year, people all over the world gathered every Sunday for the new season premiere and discussed the latest episode for the whole following week. Game of Thrones is a major title that will be remembered in history as one of the greatest shows ever. 

Admittedly, the later seasons of the show were not as great as fans expected. The Song of Ice and Fire has a significant fanbase that is highly devoted to the works. Not surprisingly, the expectations were enormous. It may seem that the popularity of the show would decrease in time, but here we are, following this Game of Thrones House quiz to learn which family we would deal with if we were on “Planetos.” 

That is because Game of Thrones fans are incredible! They know the tiniest details about the universe; they analyze every aspect of worldbuilding as true experts in geography, economy, agriculture, genetics, and so on. Personally, I’m proud to be a member of a community so intelligent and analytical. 

These qualities usually help GoT fans to come up with the wildest theories. And many of those wild suggestions become true! If you’ve ever been on the book’s subreddit, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

For those fans who have no idea about this, I’ve prepared a short of ASoIaF theories that fans got right even before the show confirmed them. 


This is one of the fans’ favorites! People were waiting for Cleganebowl for years and were finally rewarded in the last season. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the name is just confusing a bit. 

This theory predicts that the Hound and Mountain will face each other in the ultimate battle. How else would their rivalry of a lifetime end if not in an epic battle? Among all the things in season 8, this fight was the most fulfilling for many ASoIaF fans. 

Undead Jon Snow

There is no way such an important character would die so late in the series while not accomplishing his goal. Of course, Game of Thrones is known for its cruelty towards characters, but Jon is an exception. He could not die at that point in the story. 

Thus, many fans agreed that Jon would rise from the dead. And while the show Jon had no serious consequences, the theorists are sure such a resurrection will have an effect on him, especially so far North. 

Mad Queen Daenerys

While I don’t like what the show has done with Daenerys in the last season, the books also hint at the grains of future madness in the Queen as it runs in her family. Though the book has her increasing brutality, the show has taken it all the way to mad. 

I just hope the book will do it smoothly. 


This is the theory that’s started the whole obsession with, well, theories. This is one of the earliest mind-blowing suggestions with a huge role in the plot. And to imagine that it had been around for years even before the show started! 

If you don’t like this math, this is the theory about Jon’s true Stark/Targaryen parentage! 

P.S. What Game of Thrones families do you find the most fascinating?

Your Game of Thrones Family Revealed! Questions

game of thrones quiz What type of House words do you have?
  • empowering

  • cautious

  • frightening

game of thrones quiz Would you like to live at the North or South?
  • North

  • South

game of thrones quiz How important are family ties for you?
  • family is my priority

  • family honor is important

  • I can easily betray them

game of thrones quiz What is your profession irl?
  • still a student

  • a teacher

  • a writer

  • a doctor

  • a policemen

  • a shop assistant

  • IT-related

  • services sector

game of thrones quiz Would you like to sail West or East?
  • East

  • West

game of thrones quiz What is your preferred role in war?
  • an agressor

  • a last-minute savior

  • a noble help

  • an impartial outsider

vsco girl quiz What is your favorite sitcom?
  • Friends

  • The Simpsons

  • Seinfeld

  • Freaks and Geeks

  • Arrested Development

  • The Office

game of thrones quiz What country would you like to visit next?
  • Russia

  • USA

  • China

  • Sweden

  • UK

  • Germany

  • Spain

game of thrones quiz Choose alcohol
  • rum

  • vodka

  • champagne

  • wine

  • beer

  • absinthe

game of thrones quiz What is your hair color?
  • silver blond

  • honey blond

  • chocolate brown

  • dark brown

  • red

  • black

game of thrones quiz What studies are you most interested in
  • war history

  • economics

  • philosophy

  • technology

  • aesthetics of science

  • parapsychology

  • agriculture

game of thrones quiz Which family member are you closer to?
  • mother

  • father

  • aunt/uncle

  • grandparents

  • only to myslef

  • siblings

game of thrones quiz Can you survive in harsh cold climates?
  • yes, easily

  • not easily, but yes

  • absolutely no!

game of thrones quiz What do you think of dragons?
  • they are not real

  • they are very dangerous

  • I'm fascinated with them

  • I wanna have one

game of thrones quiz Do you many siblings?
  • none

  • just 1

  • 2-3

  • more, than 3

game of thrones quiz Brains or brawn?
  • brains

  • brawn

game of thrones quiz Imagine you have to go serve on the Wall, what is your reaction?
  • it is an honor!

  • at least I can escape these annoying people

  • I'll be ruler of the Wall

  • I'm not going, I'll pull some strings

game of thrones quiz What pet would you rather get?
  • an exotic bird

  • a cat

  • a dog

  • a reptile

  • a parrot

game of thrones quiz Do you prefer to live in a big city or a calm small town?
  • the biggest of all - a capital

  • an averge-sized modern city

  • a small town

game of thrones quiz Do you have explosive character?
  • yes

  • no

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