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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 3 months ago
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The Wizarding World is full of memorable characters with their own stories and motivations. While watching Harry Potter and The Fantastic Beasts movies, we see lots of students, professors, and other wizards wandering around. However, we mostly concentrate on the main characters and often don’t even know the names of the people walking by. To pass this Harry Potter character quiz, you’ll need some book background! 

One of the significant differences between books and movies is the number of characters we learn in those seven years. Not to say that the movies did a poor job. You can never put as much context into several (albeit long) but limited films. That is where all that book knowledge has a significant advantage. 

Who do we meet?

Frankly, I don’t know the exact number of characters J.K.Rowling introduces in all her books. I’m sure that a quick Google search will tell you all the details about it. But, that is only a number. To truly grasp the magnitude of her work, start listing all the characters you can remember and see how long it takes you. Then, when you finally think you’ve finished, random names will pop up throughout the day anyway. That is why this Harry Potter character test can go on for ages, but I have to stop somewhere, right? 

A quick note! I’d appreciate your suggestion for some interesting characters to add to the second part of this quiz if you’d like to contribute as a fellow quizmaker! You can leave your suggestions either in the comments section below or on my Instagram account! 

This time, I’ve gathered quite an assortment of characters. Here, you’ll find Hogwarts students of different Houses and their family members, a couple of professors, Death Eaters (scary!), badass grown-up wizards and witches, and a couple of the Fantastic Beasts guests! Also, there is one cute animal addition I was not strong enough to refrain from. That is the cutest little creature that I particularly like. Can you guess what it is right now? I hope you adore it just as much. 

In this Harry Potter quiz, you’ll have to guess a character by a variety of clues. Some contain their appearance description, others dwell on their personality, and I never forget some of the coolest achievements! And, surprise-surprise, you’ll need to guess characters based on their Patronus form alone! Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll recognize them. 

Why do we love them? 

I believe that is an easy question to answer. Because they feel like our friends, of course. The majority of Potterheads learned about this magic world as kids. Throughout our childhood, all the characters from the books were growing alongside us. That is why the connection is so strong. They feel like our classmates and friends. Besides, they all are quite relatable! Personally, I’m sure I’d be just as knowledge-hungry as Hermione if I were to attend Hogwarts. I appreciate Harry’s silliness at times and think that plotting a prank with the Weasley twins would feel natural. But there are times when I strongly relate to Snape and his attitude. There is depth to these characters, and it is the real magic of the series! 

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