Only a True Gryffindor Can Pass This House Quiz

Gryffindor Trivia

This Harry Potter House quiz will take you on the journey through the bravest House of them all. Test your knowledge on the House of Harry Potter himself. Are you ready to ace this quiz? 

Hi, there! I welcome you to the Common Room of Harry Potter quizzes! This time, we visit the favorite House of our beloved Boy Who Lived! Slytherin, of course! Just kidding. What can it besides Gryffindor? Yes, all Houses are great, but Gryffindor has taken a special place in the hearts of all Potterheads. This is the first true home Harry experienced. And we were with him throughout all of it: the first steps into the Gryffindor Tower, the secret talks in the dormitory, and the countless evenings in the Common Room. This warm and cozy room has become a haven for the Golden Trio and fans alike.  

Gryffindor is the best represented House in the whole series. It is a home for the main hero and his closest friends, so we spend much time with its members and learn quite a bit of its history. And what a fascinating House this is. 

Brave or Foolish? 

Among the traits Godric Gryffindor valued and searched for in his students were bravery, courage, determination, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Nowhere is foolishness mentioned. So, why do Gryffindors get the reputation of hot-headedness and “brawn instead of brains?” That is the issue of its specific members, not the House in general. We see quite a few Gryffindor members who rely on their wits and don’t rush into battles. Hermione Granger is the most obvious example. 

Gryffindors are clever, beyond just Hermione. Off the top of my head are Albus Dumbledor, Minerva McGonagall, Bill Weasley, Percy Weasly, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, and this is only the tip of an iceberg! 

Gryffindor values various kinds of bravery and each student expressed it in their own unique ways. 

Why do we love Gryffindor? 

Well, except for the apparent reason of it being Harry’s House, would we want to be proud Gryffindors if the boy managed to get into another House? Would this Gryffindor House quiz even be required? 

Of course, we would! First of all, the members of this House are amazing friends! Who would refuse a funny prank with the Twin, a Quidditch game with Oliver wood, or a study session with Hermione and Neville? The whole Weasley family is there! 

The Head of the House is Minerva McGonagall! She is a strict professor for sure. But we all love this lady nevertheless. 

The House’s animal is a lion! This is a mighty animal anyone would be proud to represent. This is a king in the animal kingdom, after all. 

Godric Gryffindor was terrific! What do we know of the House founder? He was one of the greatest wizards of the time, gifted both in magic and sword fighting, highly accepting of all students, very forward-thinking, fair, and chivalrous. He was a tall, muscular man with a luxuriant beard and bright green eyes. Such a man inspires admiration and awe. 

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