How I Met Your Mother – Do You Know It Well?


Do you know the story of how your father met your mother? I bet they’ve shared it during family gatherings. But not quite to the extent of How I Met Your Mother, the show.

  • 208 episodes
  • 9 seasons
  • 5 main characters
  • 1 epic story

This is the span of this TV show. Throughout its seasons, we’ve seen countless love stories, one-night stands, marriage, and kids growing up.

This is the classic 2000s show about a group of friends just living their lives. But it carries some magic atmosphere. One that allows you to rewatch all the seasons time and time again. By the way, how many times have you watched the show? From pilot till the last episode? I’m not sure myself, but I know that it’s definitely more than a couple of times. Plus, some random episode that I catch at friends’.

If you’ve seen it many times, you’ll be interested in completing this quiz to the best possible result. Are you ready?

Let’s set some things straight about the quiz.

How I Met Your Mother Trivia

This is a trivia test, as you’ve read in the title. It covers all the seasons and can any trivia matter. However, I’m not nitpicking the tiniest details that are not interesting enough to remember. This is a challenging and interesting test, not a hardcore one.

This trivia primarily concerns the main characters and covers some recurring minor guests beloved by the audience.

I hope you get to enjoy the quiz, as this is one of my favorite fandoms. If you still need trivia that is even harder than what I’ve chosen, please, let me know in the comments section! I’ll be glad to compile another test on this subject.

Hope you’ll get the highest result possible! Come share with us your 100% results! Here are only 20 quick questions. Can you get at least 18/20?

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