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Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz offers an opportunity to find out which House in the North American school for witches and wizards. Paired with the sorting quiz to Hogwarts, this is the chance to join not only one but two magical families both in Great Britain and the USA.

Ilvermorny is a relatively young school, built-in 1623. In a couple of years, it’ll celebrate its 400 anniversary. To commemorate the date, let’s all complete the sorting quiz and find out our Houses. After all, Ilvermorny House Pride should be as important as the Hogwarts one.

Speaking of the school’s Houses. Though Isolt was inspired by Hogwarts sorting rules and always wanted to study there, the four Houses at Ilvermorny are a bit different from the four Houses at Hogwarts. They cannot be connected one for one. Though some people say that Ravenclaw and Horned Serpent are the same in essence, and so for other Houses, they would accept different students.

To my mind, each of Ilvermorny Houses has the characteristics of at least two Hogwarts ones. It would also be more beneficial if J.K.Rowling offered in-depth characteristics and stories about Ilvermorny than what we have now. However, even with the minuscule information given, we have a general understanding of what the Houses look like.

Horned Serpent

ilvermorny sorting quiz

Let’s start with the one I’ve mentioned before. Horned Serpent represents the mind of a witch/wizard and usually accepts scholars. That seems quite close to Ravenclaw. However, I believe it has some Slytherin-ish notes to it as well. Starting from the fact that the founder was Isolt herself, a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Also, Seraphina Picquery was a notable member, an amazing, ambitious leader with a strict demeanor.

With this said, Rowling mentions that there are direct equivalents for the Houses. So, let’s consider Hornet Serpent a powerful house of its own.


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This House has a symbolic animal that we all know well, thanks to the Fantastic Beasts movie. The majestic bird in Newt’s suitcase is native to America and used as a symbol and name for one of the Houses. Thunderbird is considered the soul of a wizard/witch and of Ilvermorny overall. It also chooses students with a craving for adventures and travels.

The House was founded by Chadwick, the older boy adopted by Isolt. Chadwick was exceptionally skilled in Charms. Notable alumni of Thunderbird is Porpentina Goldstein.


ilvermorny houses quiz

This House is named after a powerful American magical cat. It favors students as strong as the animal itself, both physically and mentally. This is the House of warriors. Wampus was founded by the younger Boot brother, a skilled author in the future.

Unfortunately, there are no known alumni of the House. Though, J.K.Rowling mentions that Jacob Kowalski would attend Wampus if he were to be sorted.


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This is the House founded by the No-Maj husband of Isolt, James. Thus, Ilvernormy is overall welcoming towards “muggleborn,” this House being the most accepting. It represents the heart of a witch/wizard. It accepts and produces fantastic healers.

Pukwudgie is an independent magical creature somewhat similar to elves and related to goblins. Its most notable alumni (that we know of) is Queenie Goldstein.

To compare your Ilvermorny results to the traditional Houses, jump to this Hogwarts Sorting Quiz.

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