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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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When it comes to our intimate life, everything goes as long as you don’t break laws and all the parties express consent. Basically, what happens between a couple of adults in their own thing, and nobody has the right to tell whether it is right or wrong. So, feel free to explore your preferences in a safe environment! Hopefully, this kink test will help you to understand your fetishes better.

Sexologists universally agree that the bound of what is acceptable and what is not should not be restricted in personal life. These are the social constructs that often limit us. At different times in our history, various sexual behaviors were considered the norm and changed with time. Thus, it is better to follow your heart than being bound by tendencies and temporary “rules.”

Communication is the key to success in this aspect as well. If you feel restrained in any way and unfulfilled, communicate the issue with your partner. We all are afraid that our loved ones will not understand our desires. In reality, 99.9% of the time, they listen and agree to try something new.
You should feel comfortable in a relationship and find a person who will make you feel so as of utmost importance.

Now, when it comes to sexual kinks, people have varied tastes. You will be surprised at what diversity enters people’s heads. Not to say that some of them are wrong while others are right, but there are certainly a few examples that are more rare, unique, and unconventional.


Let’s start with the most widespread of the rare kinks of this list. This is the attraction to big things. In most cases, the scenario of a giant having shenanigans with regular-sized people. Thanks to modern technologies, people now can enjoy this type of content via visual means, not just reading dedicated erotica, or following kink quizzes.


As you’ve probably already guessed, this is an attraction to ghosts. Spectrophiliac does not necessarily want to meet a ghost in person, but their imagination welcomes a scenario. Ghostbusters probably have something to do with this kink, but the fascination with the supernatural runs deep in human nature.


This one is all about mirrors. Whether it’s pleasuring yourself before one and engaging in sexual acts with others right before the mirror, this kink is not as rare, but people rarely think of it as a separate fetish with a name. When you find yourself having sex in front of a reflective surface, your gaze momentarily goes straight to it. However, for some people, such fascination goes deeper and turns into a whole kink on its own!

Considering that these are relatively rare kinks, I didn’t include them in the results options. However, you can have several kinks at the same time. So, don’t feel restricted in any way to try some of the above-mentioned ones!

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