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Harry Potter is a series that brought magic to our childhood and gave us many friends who are kind, loyal, brave, and charming. Personally, I will never forget the adventures young Harry faced each year at Hogwarts (which is secretly a dream home for me too - well, just imagine it: a big castle, no Muggles to disturb you, magic staircases and portraits, food that appears on its own thanks to house elves and lots of magic you can do.) However, my secret love lies beyond the Golden Trio and stretches to the Marauders’ outstanding four. And this Marauders quiz is exactly what I need to quench my flames. 

Here, I tried to ether some of the most interesting facts about the Marauders and what they do before and during the series. Unfortunately, not the whole fourth is present in the main series; we all love and remember the Potters. If Harry were to grow up in the magic community, I believe he’d be shy and friendly. 

NBW, what’s your opinion on the AU where Harry stays to live with his parents/grandparents/relatives, etc.? I believe that does not change a boy’s character so drastically that we would not recognize them. That is because the boy would have great parents and many powerful reigns to uncover the true meaning of being a savior. 

Now, let’s take a look at different marauders and determine which one we like the best. I fully understand that this is an impossible task for many. So, let’s just dwell on their pros and cons. 

James Potter 

Well, who doesn’t know this brilliant Hogwarts student? That person can never truly complete this Harry Potter Marauders quiz

James is none else as the father of Harry. Though we see him (as well as the mom) extremely rare, we still catch a few glimpses into this future and hear lots of positive things said about The Father. He is the epitome of mischievous and could probably be related to the Weasley twins and would accept it fully. James and Sirius were often the instigators of pranks and rule-breaking, while the other two remained somewhat passive. 

Speaking of Sirius and his input to the Marauders! I fully believe that he was the secret weapon of the group. Charming to the extent that even McGonagall wasn’t indifferent to his charms (and I have solid proof of that!), Sirius had an attitude of the air-headed charmer but was a faithful and loyal friend to the group. His personal struggles with the Black family reveal how kind-hearted Sirius is compared to his relatives. 

Remus Lupin has a tragic story and a heart of gold. The boy was unfortunate to deal with the werewolf curse since he was a mere child. I firmly believe that the support of the 

Marauders had a significant effect on Remus’ life. Without them, he wouldn’t be the same. 

Peter was an underdog who later became a traitor. Though many people his House should be Slytherin (and his cunning and resourcefulness would be sufficient), I believe that his is the story mirrored in Neville, yet very different. Starting with the Marauder’s map, we see Pettigrew as a mystery, a secret traitor. Well, I see him as a shy and insecure boy whose friends weren’t able to bring him in. Instead, he was left to succumb to his darkest parts. That’s the tragedy of this villain. 

This is all I have to say about the Marauders for now. The article is not Rapunzel’s hair, and I have no time to convey all my headcanons, so let’s start with this Marauder’s test

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