Which Lightsaber Color Would You Get?

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Welcome, galactic enthusiasts, to a journey far, far away! Are you ready to embark on an adventure through time and space? Brace yourselves as we dive deep into the universe of Star Wars and discover which iconic lightsaber color would suit your personality the best. Whether you're a Jedi Knight, a cunning Sith Lord, or a charming smuggler with a heart of gold in your heart, you’ll get your Lightsaber in this short quiz. 

In a galaxy of diverse personalities and epic battles, finding your Force alignment and getting an assigned color is one of the most exciting for any devoted fan. So, prepare to answer as honestly as possible and let us guide you through this quest. May the answers come to you easily as we navigate the stars together, unlocking the intricacies of your personality traits, beliefs, and preferences. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and finally uncover what color you’d get based on your character traits! 

Lightsaber Color Meanings

lightsaber colors


A red lightsaber is like the shining symbol of power, often associated with the dark side of the Force. It's like a flashy warning sign that the wielder might be a bit, well, on the villainous side! 


a blue lightsaber shines as a symbol of guardianship and a righteous spirit. Jedi Knights with blue sabers are often all about bringing balance, protecting peace, and using the Force for good. 


Wielders of the green lightsaber are often connected to a deep understanding of the Force, sort of like the scholarly Jedi masters. They're all about expanding their knowledge of the Force.


This wielder is a one-of-a-kind Jedi who marches to the beat of their own drum. Purple lightsaber wielders are a blend of both the light and dark sides of the Force, embracing individuality.


Jedi with yellow sabers are often seen as the keepers of ancient knowledge and guardians of the Jedi Temple. They're like the scholars and sentinels of the Jedi Order, valuing wisdom and insight.


White lightsabers are often connected to Jedi who have reclaimed red lightsabers and purified them, symbolizing redemption and a return to the light side.

Other Colors 

There are certain new colors introduced later in the franchise in one of the most recent game installments, but they are not considered canon as of now. Thus, we won’t be covering the alternative colors in this quiz. 

Now when you get the general idea of the canonical colors introduced in the Star Wars universe, let’s start that Galactic journey of your lifetime! 
Get your 5 minutes in the realm of Star Wars, the ultimate cosmic saga with lightsaber duels, epic space battles, quirky droids, and the Force's magical mojo. Join the rebels defying empires, charming scoundrels, and wise Jedi. With iconic characters and an intergalactic plot, it's a thrilling ride to a galaxy far, far away!

Which Lightsaber Color Would You Get? Questions

lightsaber color meaning Kill him or not?
  • yes

  • no

lightsaber colour meanings Choose your home planet
  • Coruscant

  • Naboo

  • Endor

  • Scarif

  • Tatooine

lightsaber colour meanings If you were transported to the Star Wars universe in the Golden Age of the Old republic, what would you try to do?
  • take reign of the Empire

  • avoid politics and move to a remote and safe planet

  • study the Force to become powerful

  • get influence in politics and prevent the Empire from gaining power

lightsaber color meaning Which of these characters do you like more?
  • Han Solo

  • C-3PO

  • Leia

  • Chewbacca's there, right? Chewie

lightsaber color meaning One of these "organizations" wants to hire you, choose wisely
  • Galactic Republic

  • Jedi Order

  • Galactic Senate

  • Mandalorians

lightsaber color meaning Do you really think you'd have the guts for space travel?
  • absolutely! as a passenger

  • can I pilot? I'd love to

  • nah, I'd be too scared for that

  • I guess I won't know till I try

lightsaber colour meanings You get a gift! It's a droid! What kind would you get right now?
  • a battle droid

  • medical droid

  • servant droid

  • a human replica one

lightsaber colour meanings What's your type of humor?
  • sarcastic

  • dry

  • dark

  • light, mostly puns and wordplay

lightsaber colour meanings Do you often make brash decision?
  • yes, I'm rather impulsive

  • more often than I'd like to

  • it happens bit not often

  • almost never

lightsaber color meaning Which of these fluffy species do you think is the cosiest to cuddle with?
  • Amaran

  • Ewok

  • Gigoran

  • Wookie

  • Talz

lightsaber colour meanings Okay, fast-forwarding to when you get your lightsaber, choose your fighting style.
  • master the lightsaber in some form of martial arts style

  • give me a second lightsaber!

  • a lightsaber in one arm and Force manipilation in the other

  • better give me a gun for that other hand!

lightsaber colour meanings The enemy of my enemy is my friend, agree?
  • yes

  • no

lightsaber color meanings Which of these is the best Star Wars quote?
  • "I have a bad feeling about this."

  • "The Force will be with you, always."

  • "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."

  • "Never tell me the odds!"

  • "Do or do not. There is no try."

lightsaber colour meanings If you were given a chance to be a character in a fantasy world story, who would you rather be?
  • a hero, of course!

  • a wise overpowered mentor

  • a charismatic anti-hero

  • the villain, no doubt!

lightsaber color meaning Do you leave your life to Destiny or want to have the full reign over all decisions?
  • I just leave it all to Destiny

  • Destiny does play a role but my decisions can alter its course if needed

  • I have the full reign and won't be influenced by some cosmic forces

  • I'm not sure in Destiny as a concept, don't really know how it is

lightsaber colour meanings What type of Star Wars media is your favorite?
  • movies

  • games

  • animated series

  • Tv series

lightsaber colour meanings Do you have Star Wars merch at home?
  • yes, lots of different things

  • only a couple of things

  • I wish I had, but I'm too broke to spend money on merch

  • nah, seems a bit childish

lightsaber colour meanings Do you have a calm personality or an explosive one?
  • calm

  • explosive

lightsaber colour meanings Would you like to become a Jedi?
  • absolutely! who wouldn't?

  • I like their philosophy but the order is far form perfect; I'd like to change it

  • I prefer to be more independent

  • nah, I'd fight them, really don't like them

lightsaber colour meanings Pre 2000s Star Wars or post 2000s Star Wars?
  • pre

  • post

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