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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 3 months ago
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Modern interpretations of the spirit animal are diverse and often confusing. Nowadays, you can simply say that your spirit animal is anything, and people will understand what you mean. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be an animal at all. Personally, my spirit animal as of late is coffee. And I wonder what the people of ancient religions would think of our liberties with spirit animals. For them, it was sacred for each person, and no joke would be tolerated.

In ancient times, a spirit animal was often your guide, a supernatural spirit accompanying you through like and healing. In fact, it was more like a guarding angel than the things we believe in now.
The spirit animal connotation of these days is closer to a totem animal. This is an animal that represents your soul and character. This is an animal that resides within you. And this spirit animal quiz is designed to determine who you are.

Though many want to believe that they know their characters 100%, it is often a third-party opinion that reveals some new sides and habits we don’t notice. I guarantee that your view of yourself will be impressively different from your friends’. And that is why this quiz will determine the animal side of you that reveals new sides to your personality.

Practical Use

So, in a couple of minutes, you’ll know your spirit animal. What now? What use can this knowledge bring?

Well, one for sure, if you take and forget it in five minutes, there is practical use to this quiz aside from a bit of entertainment (and, maybe, a share to social media). However, if you take this quiz more seriously, you can incorporate your spirit animal knowledge into your daily life.

As you increase your spirit animal awareness, it’s time to apply some measures to use the knowledge to improve your life. How can you actually integrate this energy into your daily life? The energy that we are determining now in this spirit animal test is your inner self. A guide that is so like you that you can feel its influence through meditation, for example. Often, it manifests in the form of intuition. So, when you feel something firmly “in your gut”, I suggest you listen to the feeling. That may be the instincts of your spirit animal that knows how to keep you safe.

A sure way to get to know your inner self is to research the said animal in nature. You may be surprised how little we know about certain animals from school. Study its behavior, strong and weak sides, and you’ll get a better understanding of both your animal and your eon behavior.
Now, are you ready to uncover the animal that lies dormant within you? You may be surprised!

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