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By: Denis Priesnov
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Have we met before? I’m sure you look familiar! 

Have you heard this phrase before? Are people quick to confuse you with somebody else? If you’ve answered “yes” to both questions, I’m sure you look like a celebrity, and people see those familiar features in you. But what celebrity do I look like? - you’ll ask. Ah-ha! This is what we’ll find out here! 

Note that, for this test, I’ll check something more than a physical comparison. You may simply give off the same vibes as a certain celeb, and people will flock to you, trying to grasp what is so familiar about you. You may not even know it yourself! This “What do I look like” quiz will point out the similarities. 

While physical features are the first thing to catch people’s eyes, they look beyond that after a moment. The posture, charisma, habits, and speech are all considered a part of your “image.” Even on a still photo, we take a look at how a person stands as a part of his appearance. In-person, it has an even bigger effect. 


Still, physical features are only a facade. When a person starts truly interacting, their qualities are filled with emotions. And this is what really matters.
what celebrity do i look like quiz
Often, when there is something familiar yet elusive in a person, pay attention to the curve of their mouth, or how their brows deep once a while to uncover the thing you are looking for. You’ll be surprised how deep certain facial expressions can get stuck in our brains. Just take Jim Carrey as a bright example. Even as he ages, his expressions remain the same, and we would recognize him even after plastic surgery (provided botox does not limit his range). Speaking of cool actors, guess who is one of the offered results here! You know him! One of the best comics of the age! 


To give you a small pick in the possible results, here are a few hints of a few famous people you may be very similar to! 

A couple of famous sportsmen who know how to not give up and reach their goals. Are you as determined as they are? 

Several talents have proved their talent to millions of people worldwide. These are genuinely international stars. 

Talented actors are beloved by millions as well. I guarantee that you love at least one of their movies. 

A couple of eccentric characters, each unique in their own way. Are they geniuses? Are they talented? Are they merely famous for something nobody is sure about? I guess you’ll see it soon enough.
what star do i look like
So, have you already chosen a person you would want to be similar to? Do you look like one of them? Or are you similar in character? This is your chance to compare yourself to the world of celebrities. However, I guarantee you, they are just regular people inside. The only difference is that they know not to give up and aim for success. 

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