What Kind of Friend Are You?

By: Ana Rinkevich
Created: 26 days ago
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This quiz is all about figuring out what kind of friend you are within your group. It's for anyone who wants to understand their role and personality among friends. You can play it with your buddies in real-time and compare results.

There are tricky questions available to make sure the quiz runs funny but smoothly. The purpose is to measure how close your friendship is and assess its depth across categories like Basic Facts, Favorites, Feelings, Thoughts and Opinions, and Funny and Silly.
what kind of friend are you
The quiz results include finding out if you're a funny friend, crazy friend, humorous friend, silly friend, or entertaining friend. They are filled with fun and humor and are designed for everyone looking to add some laughter to their lives.

Each result is unique and adds a light-hearted touch to the quiz experience. It's an opportunity to discover more about yourself in a lighthearted way without taking things too seriously.

So, take this personality quiz and find out which category of friends you fall under! 

What Kind of Friend Are You? Questions

what kind of friend am i When meeting new people, how do you approach building new relationships?
  • I try to be friendly

  • I ask some questions to know them better

  • I'm open an honest from the start

  • I don't like meeting new people

what kind of friend are you What's your go-to activity when hanging out with friends?
  • Karaoke night

  • Movie marathon

  • Quiz night

  • Board games

  • Night talks

  • Bowling

what kind of friend are you How important is it for you to maintain regular communication with your friends?
  • Not my top priority

  • Highly important

  • Somewhat important

what friend am i How do you usually resolve conflicts within your friend group?
  • Try to compromise

  • Schedule a meeting to plan a strategy

  • Make everyone laugh

  • Make a funny activity plan

  • Discuss all the pros and cons

  • I don't resolve conflicts

what type of friend am i In a group setting, what role do you typically play?
  • Listener

  • Advice-giver

  • Entertainer

  • The quiet one

  • The crazy one

  • The boring one

what kind of friend am i How often do you initiate plans to spend time with your friends?
  • All the time and I love it

  • All the time and I hate it

  • 2-3 times a week

  • Couple of times a month

  • I'm not the one to initiate

what kind of friend are you Do you believe in giving an honest advice, even if it may be hard to hear?
  • Mostly yes, I think

  • Mostly no, maybe sometimes

  • I don't know, it depends

what kind of friend are you When your friend is feeling down, how do you show support?
  • Avoid judgment

  • Offer my help

  • Show compassion

  • Try to be present if they need me

  • Give them a hug

  • Offer encouragement

what kind of friend are you Do you prefer small, intimate gatherings or large social events with many people?
  • Small gatherings

  • Large events

  • Both are fine

what kind of friend are you Describe your reaction when a friend shares exciting news with you.
  • I get excited

  • I feel happy for them

  • I feel indifferent

what kind of friend are you In social settings, are you more comfortable being the center of attention or blending into the background?
  • Being the center of attention

  • Blending into the background

  • I'm somewhere in the middle

what kind of friend are you Are you more likely to stay calm in stressful situations, or do you tend to get worked up easily?
  • Stay calm mostly

  • Get worked up easily

  • I don't know, it depends

what kind of friend are you What's your stance on keeping secrets within your friend circle?
  • I can share my friend's secret with another friend

  • I don't share secrets

  • I hate secrets

what kind of friend are you How do you handle disagreements or differences of opinion with your friends?
  • I try to avoid them

  • I seek compromise

  • I stick to my point of view

  • I don't know, it depends

what kind of friend are you Are you the type of friend who enjoys deep, meaningful conversations or light-hearted banter?
  • Deep conversations

  • Light-hearted banter

  • Both are good depending on the situation

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