Find Your Mythical Match: What Creature are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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 Mythical creatures are by definition imaginary or created by human beings or monsters.
Some of them are based on sightings that have no supporting documentation, while others are wholly untrue creations of various civilizations that have appeared in tales, literature, and, more recently, motion pictures.

They include creatures like gryphons, centaurs, chimaeras, werewolves, and mermaids.   
what mythical creature am i

These creatures are frequently mentioned in children's bedtime stories, by hallucinating individuals who have claimed to have seen them but have no evidence to back up their claims, and in films like "Underworld," the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and the "Harry Potter" series. 

But what if these monsters existed in reality? What if you were able to join them? Which one, exactly? 

How To Find Out Your What Mythical Creature Are You? 

Here are three easy-to-use methods to find your folklore animal counterpart. 
First way is through your zodiac sign. Astrologists have created lists of attributes and traits of each zodiac sign, matching them with descriptions of legendary beings. You can find out which one resembles you just by looking up your star sign. Some scientific evidence shows that mythical creatures might not be a result of pure imagination. 
You can also find your mythical match with the help of personality type. To locate your counterpart, you must be familiar with the characteristics of well-known folklore creatures. 
Taking a quiz is one of the easiest ways to find your legendary monster. A questionnaire or quiz that employs psychological techniques to reveal your inner fairytale twin is what we have designed for you here. 
Strangely, some scientific research suggests that mythical beings could not just be the products of human imagination. And it's possible that actual events inspired the creation of these kinds of entities by ancient people. Four fictional mortals that could kind of be real are shown below.

  • Dragon According to one theory, people in the past may have discovered dinosaur fossils and mistakenly thought they were dragon skeletons when they came across them. In the form of magical humanoids, elves first appear in Germanic mythology throughout the Middle Ages. 
  • Unicorn The majority of myths said unicorns possessed magical abilities; some claimed that they granted immortality; Others asserted that they might cure illnesses or enable humans to fly. Many researchers today assert that mutation in genuine animals may have had an influence on myths about unicorns. 
  • Elf Elf's were referred to as the "hidden people." However, through time, a description of them has emerged. They have conflicting feelings toward people and are little, cunning, magical, attractive, and secretive. 
  • Fairy Fairies were thought to be friendly as well as powerful, harsh, and vindictive many centuries ago. For example, those making a long journey would offer gifts to the fairies in exchange for clear paths and favorable weather. Are you a fairy, perhaps? Let's investigate.   
what creature am i

What Mythical Creature Are You 

Would you prefer to be a fierce dragon that could snort fire at your foes? 
Or how about a mystical unicorn that is rare? 
Perhaps you'd be an elf, who are among the most graceful mythical creatures. Or are you a fairy in reality? 
So, take our quiz to find out exactly what you would be! It might just provide some insight into why you are the way that you are. Let’s find out the hidden mythical creature inside you. 

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