Which Character from Steven Universe Reflects Your Inner Gem?

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Do you believe that there is life on any of the planets or galaxies that have been the subject of decades of space shuttle and satellite exploration? Yes, it is true that no one can be certain of this, but we will all continue to look for it. Although we haven't discovered any evidence of alien life, there are many films, TV shows, and cartoons that have inspired our ideas about their characteristics, appearance, and other aspects.
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The most well-known anime from the last few years is Steven Universe. The Steven Universe saga has proven to be more captivating than we antic
ipated. The "Gem Stones"—as they are referred to in the anime—are aliens who derive their identities and powers from a gem. Rose Quartz, their commander, was also an alien, but she had a bigger plan in mind. To save the planet Earth from being destroyed, she wed a man named Greg.
Do you not wonder which Steven Universe character are you? Without a doubt, your concern is legitimate because fighters like you are needed in the conflict between humans and immortal Gems. You must complete the Steven Universe Character Quiz to learn more about your character!

Best Characters in Steven Universe

There is one thing that can assist you in keeping track of which Steven Universe character you are! Look through Steven Universe's most memorable characters to see which one most closely matches your personality.

Steven Universe

Although he lacks attractiveness, he is a perfect human being. Steven can use a variety of magical abilities, including Shape-Shifting, Fusion, Fluctuating Age, and Speed, with the help of his mother's Pink Diamond gem. His innate abilities are optimism, strength, and intelligence.


In the creation of garnet, sapphire and ruby were combined. She feels like a mother to Steven and is the Gem captain of the Gem Team. Fusion, Deflection, Photokinesis, Future Vision, Heat Resistance, and Electrokinesis are some of Garnet's special skills.


Pearl wins our hearts with her unwavering character and commitment to doing the right thing. Since she had always been Rose's sidekick, it was nearly impossible for her to cope with her passing. Her abilities include strength, self-duplication, fusion, photokinesis, energy projection, dual wielding, and energy projection.


Adults and teens that are laid back can find inspiration in Amethyst. Amethyst wants to live stress- and sorrow-free and never worries about anything. She dazzles everyone with her Whip Proficiency and Slicing, and she is also exceptionally skilled at Shapeshifting, Spin Dash, Hair-Blade, Fire Blast, Levitation, and White Burst.
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Which Steven Universe Character Are You

Which Steven Universe Character Are You is now the crucial question. Do you know the answer? Time to travel to Beach City, hang out with Watermelon Stevens, and find your ideal persona.
Are you interested in learning which Steven Universe character you are? You can match with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and other gemstones by taking the quiz.
The following 25 fun questions, all based on the personality traits of the characters, will reveal whether you are a Steven Universe Human, Gem, or Fusion.
Let’s have some fun!

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