Which Ninja Turtle Are You?

By: Irene Kurylenko
Created: about 1 month ago
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Greetings, fearless fans of mysterious turtles, ninja-trained mutants! Ever wondered which of the favorite characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles perfectly matches your ninja vibe? Well, secure your shurikens, put away the nunchucks and get ready for an adventure through the sewers of self-discovery!

In the world of pizza-loving heroes, that is oh-so-similar to our own New York, each turtle brings a unique flair to the table. Are you the cool and collected leader, Leonardo, with a penchant for precision strikes? Or maybe you're the party-loving, pizza-craving Michelangelo, ready to crack a joke and flip into action? Have you already mastered modern technologies and master-mind your own innovations? Maybe, you are the fiercest and most stubborn of all then? 

Get ready to delve deep into your inner ninja nen with 20 questions meant to uncover your personality and match it the beloved ninja turtle! From favorite pizza toppings to your go-to ninja moves, we're diving deep into your psyche to reveal your true turtle identity.
So, grab your bo staff, sharpen those sais, and let's embark on a quest to uncover whether you're a Leonardo leader, a Michelangelo free spirit, a Donatello brainiac, or a Raphael tough guy.


tmnt turtle
The fearless leader, Leonardo is disciplined, honorable, and wields his katana with precision. He's the glue that holds the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles together and encouraging teamwork!
If you match Leo, you are a born leader. You take responsibility for your actions and lead by example. With that said, you are a devoted friend who values people above all.


ninja turtle personality
The laid-back party dude, Michelangelo is the joker of the group, bringing his love for pizza to every situation. Despite his goofiness, he's an agile nunchaku-wielding ninja with a heart of gold.
If you are a bit of a goofball, you match Michelangelo’s energy. You two would be best friends for sure! You are definitely the heart of your friend group. 


ninja turtles personalities
The tech whiz and brains of the team, Donatello is a genius with gadgets. His intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills make him an essential member, always striving to innovate.
Congrats, genius! If you are just as smart as Donatello, you must have a vision for your future. Are you a great inventor there?


which ninja turtle are you
The tough and hot-headed rebel, Raphael has a penchant for solo missions. Beneath his rough exterior, he's fiercely protective of his brothers and embraces his role as the group's muscle.
You’ve got matched with Raphael, it means you are just as stubborn and hot-headed. You have your moments of courage but would know to assess a situation before taking drastic measures. 

Ready to discover which slice of the turtle pie you are now that you’ve got your quick reminder of their personalities? Cowabunga, dude! Let the TMNT personality quiz begin!

Which Ninja Turtle Are You? Questions

which ninja turtle are you Which of this ninja terminology would make the best ninja move name?
  • Choho

  • Uke

  • Ashi

  • Geri

which ninja turtle are you Choose your training grounds
  • an AI hologram simulation room

  • an old-school martial arts center

  • an open ground with natural obstacles

  • just an empty space, my body, and my weapon

which ninja turtle are you If you were a ninja, your fighting style would be....
  • flowing acrobatics

  • powerful close combat

  • using a mid-range melee weapon

  • I prefer something ranged, striking from the shadows

which ninja turtle are you Okay, a bit on the nose, but...if you had to wear shirts of only one color for the rest of your life, which of these would you prefer?
  • orange

  • red

  • blue

  • purple

which ninja turtle are you Choose a pizza topping
  • pepperoni

  • triple cheese

  • different types of meats

which ninja turtle are you Do you tend to follow your teachers'/mentors' guidance?
  • yes, they are wiser and know better

  • mostly, but there times to go my own way

  • not really, I value my decisions and opinions more

  • hm, only if they prove their worth

which ninja turtle are you Which of these TNMT phrases seems the coolest to you?




which ninja turtle are you Your best friend is
  • the total opposite of me

  • the one who shares all of my interests

  • a person who'll support me no matter what

  • the one who makes me want to be better

which ninja turtle are you Do you have more of a technical mind or a creative one?
  • technical

  • creative

  • it's somewhere in the middle

which ninja turtle are you Mi casa es tu casa or My house is my castle?
  • 1

  • 2

which ninja turtle are you If you had to live in the sewers to gain a superpower, would you?
  • absolutely, no dig deal, I'll find a nice corner

  • depend, what power are we talking about?

  • no way, I'll stay as I am now

  • hm, can I get a short trial period to try the power and my new living conditions?

which ninja turtle are you How do you handle criticism?
  • take it constructively and improve

  • brush it off with a joke

  • analyze if it's really constructive and adjust

  • respond with a defensive attitude

which ninja turtle are you Choose your seat in this car
  • driving

  • shotgun

  • back passenger seat, meanwhile messing with the stereo

  • just sleeping somewhere in the back

which ninja turtle are you Who did you want to be when you grow up?
  • an actor/singer

  • a firefighter/doctor

  • a scientist/teacher

  • an athlete

which ninja turtle are you Which of these animals would you rather take in as a pet?
  • a gecko

  • a raven

  • a snake

  • a ferret

which ninja turtle are you Do you get bored easily when alone?
  • yes

  • no

which ninja turtle are you Quick, choose a gun for those times when ninja moves don't work!
  • shotgun

  • a sniper rifle

  • machine gun

  • handgun

which ninja turtle are you Are you sure you could beat Shredder?
  • sure, I absolutely can

  • I doubt it

  • well, only with the turtles!

  • nah, I'll stay away from him

which ninja turtle are you Or would you rather join the villains?
  • that's what I'm talking about!

  • no way

  • maybe? I guess depends on the villains

  • can I join April instead?

which ninja turtle are you If you could become bff with only one of them, who would you choose?
  • Leonardo

  • Michelangelo

  • Donatello

  • Raphael

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