Who Was I in My Past Life? Uncover Your Role in History

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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Any past life quiz allows you to see beyond the customary boundaries. Whether you believe in past lives and reincarnation or not, you are interested to hear who you were in the past life. Curiosity is in the nature of people! And if you are here, you leave a tiny window of doubt when it comes to the supernatural. 

In my opinion, we can only honestly know that supernatural elements are not valid after we have 100% proof of it. And while we are still uncovering the nature of many things and have aspects about our own brains that we don’t understand, we should consider the possibilities of everything. 

This quiz is created for fun purposes. Of course, I’m not a certified professional who can uncover the deep memories in your subconsciousness, may it be a psychologist or psychic. I’d like to go through a regression test myself someday. 

What is a past life regression test? 

Well, this is quite an interesting test that psychiatrists or certified regression specialists perform. This test involves elements of hypnosis. Basically, you tell the specialist your memories from the past lives yourself! The expert just listens to you and gathers all the information into a whole complete picture. They will ask you questions to learn about your past life deeper, but all people are susceptible to hypnosis in various degrees. 

If you want to go through such an experience, all you have to do is Google the nearest regression expert with the most positive reviews. Be aware that online reviews can be bought and made by bots! But it’s always noticeable.
who was i in my past life

Who I was in my past life?

This is the question I’ll try to answer here! I have a list of historical figures that just might be you! Are you ready to find out what role you’ve played in the course of modern history?? I suppose you might be surprised by your role! 

Note that genders in reincarnation play the least importance. You may turn out to be the opposite gender, and it’s completely fine! I suppose the universe likes to mix and match. 

What was I in my past life?

This is a relevant question as well! According to the general information I know, there is no guarantee that I’ve been a human in my previous life. You might even be an animal or a plant! Your deeds in one life determine who and who you deserve to be. 

However, in this quiz, I suppose that all of you have been people in several lives before and got the right to live as human beings. All of the answers are humans! Besides, all of them are interesting and often controversial people; I believe that you are worthy of the role!

P.S. After you complete this Past Life Quiz, I can suggest a very interesting test for you as well - how old am I quiz! It shows what decade you've been born in! And this is the one about your current life for a change! 

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