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 Do you ever find yourself feeling tired regardless of how much time you sleep at night? Do you ever doze off while doing anything and struggle to keep yourself awake as you carry yourself through the day? If these questions seem relevant to you, then you might ask yourself oftenly that ‘Why Am I so tired?’   
why am i always tired quiz
There are numerous reasons that you can be feeling tired and it’s essential to screen out any underlying medical conditions before associating your tiredness to a hectic schedule. Keep in mind that only a doctor can determine that, but this quiz will be able to specify things for you. 

Reasons of your tiredness

 Several variables can make you feel tired. It could be external and internal factors. Read the following reasons and find out if you’re doing any of that. Perhaps, it's time to eliminate all of the unhealthy routines that are frequently overlooked and the cause of your tiredness. 

You are not sleeping enough: 

Your energy levels during the day may suffer if you’re not getting enough sleep. Adults usually require seven to eight hours of sleep each night, however, it can vary from person to person. You’re not eating healthy food:You may feel tired if you’re not consuming sufficient amounts of the nutrients. Deficiency of vitamins or minerals  and unhealthy diet or lifestyle may decrease your energy levels. The only way to preserve your energy levels is to eat a good, balanced diet. You’re not working out: You may feel tired if exercise is not a part of your routine. Most of the people don’t workout as they believe that they are too exhausted to do it. However, if you do a little bit of exercise everyday then it might help you overcome your tiredness. You’re taking too many carbs: You might be feeling tired if you’re taking too many refined carbs. Your blood sugar will quickly rise if you consume processed carbohydrates and much sugar. You’ll end up feeling tired with the surge in your blood sugar. 

You’re stressed

 If you wake up and fall asleep at irregular times and your biological clock is disturbed then this blog is a reminder for you. You need to regulate your sleeping pattern as working in a stressed environment can make you drained. If  prolonged stress can become chronic then it can bring havoc on your body. 

Why am i so tired

 If you think that tiredness is stealing your health and happiness, then it is necessary for you to identify the cause of it. In this way, you would be able to get rid of it by making the necessary adjustments. If you always feel tired, drained and unmotivated to do anything, then you should consider the problem. The human body is constructed in a way that it will give you warning signs before the negative health effects begin to appear. If you made it to this blog despite feeling tired, then you are lucky as you have reached the end of your sufferings. All you have to do now is to let your tiredness get over you. Attempt our ‘Why Am I so Tired’ quiz so that you’ll be able to understand the cause of your problems.   

Why Am I So Tired Quiz. Based on science researches Questions

quiz why am i so tired Which of the following best describes your physical state?
  • You feel very tired

  • I drag myself to go through the day

  • I feel energized

  • I'm active and excellent physically

quiz why am i so tired How many hours of sleep do you get at night?
  • Between three to four hours

  • Between four to five hours

  • Between six to seven hours

  • Eight hours and more

quiz why am i so tired Do you often find yourself dozing off while working?
  • Yes, all the time

  • Mostly in the daytime

  • I rarely doze off

  • Never, i keep myself focused

quiz why am i so tired How often do you workout?
  • Never, i prefer sleep over workout

  • I don’t have time for it

  • Sometimes

  • Yeah, I prefer to do a regular workout

quiz why am i so tired Do you check your phone before going to sleep or after waking up?
  • Everytime

  • On weekends

  • Rarely

  • Never

why am i tired all the time quiz Are you addicted to carbonated drinks, junk foods or sugary items?
  • I can’t go a day without these things

  • Several times in a week

  • Once or twice a month

  • I prefer fruits and vegetables

why am i tired all the time quiz What were your thoughts about leaving for work or school today?
  • I dread going there everyday

  • I wish i’d taken a day off

  • It’s fine.

  • I feel the most alive while working/studying.

why am i tired all the time quiz Do you stay late on weekends?
  • Everytime

  • Sometimes

  • Rarely

  • I never disrupt my sleep schedule

why am i tired all the time quiz Do you spend a long time in bed to keep thinking about your work or deadlines?
  • All the time, it never gets out of my mind

  • Except for weekends

  • Rarely

  • Never, I fall asleep as soon as i hit the bed

why am i tired all the time quiz Do you consume a healthy diet?
  • Never, i consume a horrible diet

  • Once in a blue moon

  • Most of the times

  • I consume a perfect balanced diet

how tired am i quiz Are you an overweight or obese person?
  • Yes.

  • A little

  • Normal

  • I’ve a perfect weight

how tired am i quiz Do you find yourself binge watching shows on netflix?
  • All the time

  • On weekends

  • Sometimes during vacations

  • Never

how tired am i quiz Do you consume coffee or tea to get yourself going throughout the day?
  • Several times in a day

  • Once in a day

  • Rarely

  • I don’t drink at all

how tired am i quiz How often do you find yourself zoning out?
  • All the time

  • Most of the times

  • Rarely

  • Never, I keep myself focused

how tired am i quiz Do you find yourself munching before going to bed?
  • All the time

  • Most of the times

  • Rarely

  • I take my meals at regular times

why am i tired quiz When do you feel the most worn out during the day?
  • All the time

  • Sometimes during the day

  • In the mornings

  • At the end of the day

why am i tired quiz How often do you take showers?
  • After a week

  • After five days

  • After one or two days

  • Everyday

why am i tired quiz Do you feel motivated to meet your deadlines?
  • Never, I wish i go back to the days when I don’t have deadlines

  • I procrastinate till the last minute

  • I meet my deadlines on time

  • Yes, I’m motivated and have a proper working schedule

why am i tired quiz How do you spend your day?
  • I lye on the couch and scroll through the internet every time

  • I watch tv and take naps in between

  • I work, and read sometimes

  • I’ve a proper schedule for my daily routines

why am i tired quiz Do you drink enough water?
  • Never

  • I drink three glass a day

  • I drink five glass a day

  • I drink eight or more glasses

why am i tired quiz Do you have any medical problems that keep you tired?
  • Yes, i have it

  • I never checked it

  • I don’t know

  • I’m perfectly all right

why am i always tired quiz When do you get the most depression or anxiety?
  • I feel terrible all the time

  • When I was unable to get anything done

  • Occasionally like a normal person

  • I am a confident person

why am i always tired quiz What do you need the most in your life right now?
  • Zero work with a lot of bucks

  • I just need energy to get through the day

  • I need a break from mundane life

  • I’m content with my life

why am i always tired quiz How often do you socialize?
  • I don’t have energy for it

  • Rarely

  • Just for a few hours

  • I stay outdoor all the time

why am i always tired quiz Do you find it difficult to wake up in the morning?
  • I turn off my alarm and go to sleep

  • I keep snoozing my alarms

  • I wake up after one ring

  • I wake up before my alarm rings

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