Aesthetic Quiz: What Are Your Vibes?


Are you a grunge person? Or do you prefer vintage aesthetics? We all have different tastes! That is why we are so authentic and individualistic.

What is your aesthetics? How would you describe your style and personality? Some of us don’t like to label ourselves. If you support this point of view as well, I respect your choice. Maybe, you’ll want to entertain yourself with the quiz that offers a label, maybe not. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this small test! If not, I can offer another exciting quiz that takes a look at your personality: My Spirit Animal Quiz.

Aesthetics Quiz Options

Unfortunately, I cannot include all the variety of recognized aesthetic types in one single quiz. That is why I’ll separate a bunch of them into several quizzes if you like the idea. For this one, I’ve chosen a few very exciting ones - 90s Grunge, vintage and sophistication, crazy 2000s with Britney and Shakira, and well as modern Kardashian chic.

Read more about them here.

90s Grunge

To be honest, this aesthetic is often a mix of a few different dictions including punk, rock, and a few other influences. In general, this is not about peculiarities; this is not about that dark rebel feeling inside. The music taste is focused on the 90s classics; dark clothes dominate the fashion choices, makeup is dark as well but features heavy colorful tones for expression.

00s Britney

If you are a Millenial, I don’t have to describe this aesthetic for you! You’ve already seen them all in the 2000s. Although it takes roots from the decade, the modern expression of it has changed to support contemporary influences. All in all, this is a bright aesthetic with paster and soft colors, bubblegum, and cheerfulness. And you can guess what music this style likes!


This is a diverse direction. So diverse, that you can gather different eras of this aesthetics, and it’ll look like a mix of opposite things. All in all, this aesthetic includes vintage clothes from all eras possible, behavior also influences by the eras of old and the general sophistication in the air.

Kardashian Chic

Kardashians have taken the Internet by storm. People worldwide have been following their aesthetic for years, and it is still as strong as ever. It’s easy to adopt this style as it is so clear and popularized by the media. If this is your aesthetic, you are feeling on top of the world.
So, are you ready to find out what your aesthetics is? Can you already guess the answer you’ll get? Please share in the comments whether it matches your predictions!

Written by Irene

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