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By: Denis Priesnov
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We all know the beautiful tale of Narcissus whose tragic fate played out because of self-love. If we dive deeper into the myth, we’ll uncover that the man was not born this way. Instead, it was his punishments from the Gods. Despite this little detail, today, we have an actual condition that psychiatrists described as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And that is more severe than simply having high self-esteem.  

Clinical Description

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Narcissistic personality Disorder falls into the large category of personality disorders alongside 

  • borderline personality disorder 
  • antisocial personality disorder 
  • histrionic personality disorder 
Together with narcissistic personality disorder, these are all the disorders of the Cluster B disorder group. 

You’ll be surprised that a true pathological form of a narcissist walks in one group with a sociopath/psychopath pair. In fact, a narcissist can be used as dangerous to the surrounding people as the previous two! 

A healthy dose of narcissism is perfectly natural for a human being. The component of our personality was studied by Freud in-depth, who also distinguished the idea of pathological narcissism from the development of one’s self-esteem. He gathered the following characteristic - “a lack of empathy, emptiness, boredom, and an unremitting need to search for power while making the person unavailable to others.”


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Today, a special measurement system for narcissism is used.

Narcissism Personality Inventory is not used to put a clinical diagnosis. Instead, it is used for the “borderline cases” to measure a typical level of narcissism. 

In this narcissism quiz, we’ll be using a blend of the known criteria and signs that determine a narcissism to learn whether you display the general signs or not. 

Note that even if you get an unpleasurable result, this is not the final word and was ever meant to give a clinical diagnosis. Instead, take it as the first step of determining whether you (or, most frequently) a person near if a narcissist. 

However, before you start this narcissism quiz, let’s remember the beautiful story of Narcissus and what happens to the man that has brought a name to the state of 1% of the current population!

Myth of Narcissus 

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According to the classic version, Narcissus was a handsome young man who was a prophethised a long life unless he “discovered himself.” One day, a Echo, a mountain nymph, saw the boy and fell in love with him. After a bit of (frankly strangle) flirting, Echo revealed herself and wanted to hug Narcissus. But he was not in favor of the gesture and turned the hug down. Grief-stricken, Echo died in time. 

As we know, Greek Gods are not merciful at all, especially when it comes to the impersonation of revenge, Nemesis. The Goddess decided to make Narcissus pay, lured him to the pond for a gulp of freshwater, and saw the mission accomplished as the man fell in love with his own reflection! Ironically, the man also died from “one-sided love.” He later turned into a beautiful flower that we know as narcissus as well. 

At this sad point, let’s switch to the modern days and the actual Narcissism test, shall we? 

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