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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 27 days ago
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Sexuality is a complex issue that covers more than lays on the surface. It would seem that such an essential part of self-identity would be studied profoundly and talked about in the open. But what do we get? 

More questions than answers and lots of stigmas in society. Hopefully, this sexuality test will help you in taking a look into your inner preferences and identity. At the minimum, we should all be able to accept who we are and learn to enjoy it. 

Has It Always Been So Complicated? 

If you are Gen Z, you’ve probably heard of different sexualities your whole life. And the spectrum was not as diverse as it is now (at least what was discussed in society); you have it easier to accept that people are not all heterosexual or monosexual (preferring one gender) for that matter. 

However, if you are older, you know exactly how hard it is for people to be open-minded about the diversity in sexuality? But why is that? It’s not like this is a new development. Sexuality tests have been out there for a long time.   
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A few interesting facts for you to consider.

  1. People in ancient times of Antiquity were also “fluid” about their sexualities. This was not universal for everybody, but many various types of intimate relationships existed and were not covered from society. Sexual acts of diverse nature were a part of religion even. (And let’s even get started on the premise of bestiality that is shockingly widely represented but has little to do with the topic)
  2. Unlike Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism are more open-minded about sex as art, science, or spiritual practice. Moreover, paintings depicting homosexual intimacy have been documented for over a thousand years. The samurai lifestyle among men is often believed to bear some aspects of homosexuality. 
  3. The Middle Ages in Europe have probably brought the most stigma to any type of sexuality besides heterosexual, although the hidden quarters saw how people really felt. This is arguably the most anti-homosexual (and any other sexual) period of all. 

What Types of Sexualities Are There?

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While I mainly cover the topic of homosexuality here, it is only because this is the most documented one. 

When it comes to sexualities, modern society has differentiated; there are no bounds to human identity issues. Among the most commonly referred sexualities are

  • heterosexual 
  • homosexual 
  • bisexual 
  • pansexual 
  • asexual 
  • aromantic 
  • demisexual 
  • monosexual 
  • polysexual 
  • fluid
And this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

However, I’d like to stress out that these are all the terms used by society. That is why thy ar used for this sexuality quiz. Generally, they are accepted by the LGBTQ community. However, you should not be pressured to identify as one of these. 

If you are not comfortable being labeled as such, do not push yourself to name it. Just accept what you feel and who you are and describe it all in your terms. If you are comfortable talking about such an intimate matter, of course. 

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