Am I Depressed: Taking Care of Your Mental Health


Depression is not simply “feeling blue” on some days. This is a severe clinical condition that has to be observed and treated by professionals. And while some people treat it as something of a minor hurdle, they overlook the loved ones who may be needing extra support in such a complex situation. Thus, if you ever feel that something might be off about your condition and feelings, take this Am I depressed quiz to spot the initial signs.

Note that this quiz is not a diagnostic tool. It is meant to reveal the number of symptoms connected to depression and bring your attention to them. In any case, if you feel down and suspect that the condition may be severe, it is recommended to visit a doctor or a therapy session or consult with a professional. Never let a mental issue that bothers you go unnoticed. It is healthier to resolve it with the help of a person specializing in it than bottling everything up inside and ruining your mental health and happiness.

Thus if you feel that serious issues have snuck up on you or someone from our inner circle, I hope you use the fundamentals of this quiz in search of troublesome signs. Remember that such issues are easier to treat in their initial phases than after the years of suffering.

Here are some of the signs that you should pay immediate attention to:


If you often feel anxious without reason to, feel paranoid, nervous, and uncomfortable, pay closer attention to the feeling. In case you don’t know how anxiety feels like, you are a lucky person, for the feeling is uncanny and terrible.

Panic attacks

Have you ever such symptoms out of the blue? Elevated heartbeat, sudden panic, fear for your life, lack of oxygen when breathing, lightheadedness, and so on? Then it means that you’ve had a panic attack. This symptom might be accompanying clinical depression, unfortunately. Of course, panic attacks may be a separate thing, but they should be monitored closely.

Feeling abandoned and alone

The sense of abandonment is a regular helping hand of depression. Have you ever thought that everybody’s left you and you are worthless because of it? have you ever felt that you are worthless because of it? These all may be clear signs of depression.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is not necessarily a sign of depression, but it can be so. There are also limits to how low it may fall and how much you should love yourself. If you constantly think that you are worthless in every aspect of your life, this is a clear sign of something deeper going on. Think about it - have you felt that you are not worth something in the past week? How about every day of the week? Be mindful of your own treatment of yourself.

These are just a few signs that you should pay attention to in your own feelings and how your beloved behave!!

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