Disney Princess Quiz for Everybody: Which One Are You?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 8 months ago
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Would you like to be a Disney princess, even for a day? C’mon, everybody wants to try at least what it’s like to be a princess. Imagine living in a beautiful castle surrounded by a green forest with magic animals? Isn’t it a dream? Well, at least until a cruel villain comes to lock you up in a tower! But that’s technicality! This Disney princess quiz will give you a chance to feel what it’s like to become one. And will uncover what princess you are.

As some people say that there are kids still inside us all, I believe that there is a Disney princess somewhere there. And even if you are as far away from being “a princess” as possible in real life, you still have a gentle side that loves singing and wants a badass animal sidekick. Am I right? 

You may think that this is an exclusively female role to dream about, but I assure you that men know exactly what Disney princess they want to be when asked. After all, Disney animations are beloved by all, no matter gender or age. Besides, each princess comes with a wholly unique world as a coll bonus. The wish to explore a magical world is another substantial reason to become a princess. And, lastly, there is this promise of ruling a whole country! And not like the modern monarchs with limited power. A Disney Queen is the ultimate monarch.
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Trouble follows 

Sometimes, Disney princesses get into trouble (no princess lives peacefully, in truth). However, they all deal with the problems and come victorious. After all, good also beat the evil in Disney stories. But how they manage to get their “happy ever after” is unique for each one of them. Unlike the stereotypes suggest, a Disney princess is not a gentle wallflower. She can be if she wants, but not exclusively. Many female leads are strong, independent, and willful. In almost a century after introducing the first Disney princess, Snow White, the female image has gone through drastic changes. Lately, all of them can beat the crap out of a villain in the end. Just think of Elsa, whose story revolves around her getting powers. Or do you remember that almost magical pan of Rapunzel’s that helps her capture Flynn and beat a few villains? Merida from Brave (who is also a Disney princess now) is the embodiment of strength and independence. 

As you see, princesses come in all forms and characters. Thus, there is definitely one that relates to you the most. And we are going to find out which one in this Disney character quiz. Just answer truthfully to the following questions and don’t think which one would your favorite princess choose. After all, we do not always like the characters who resemble us the most.
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Also, a quick additional question, what animal sidekick do you think is the best? Personally, I prefer Mushu. This love from childhood is unconditional. And who is your favorite? 

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