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Past several years brought us many great TV shows and movies. Stranger Things is among the most popular series right now. This is Netflix's pearl that beats all streaming records of the service. The show has an active international fanbase that awaits the upcoming fourth season of the show that is yet to be announced. And while we await the return of our favorite gang, let's enjoy this Stranger Things quiz that could not be any stranger! 

Today, you'll learn what in-universe monster you are. Isn't it exciting to imagine what you would do as a villain? Who would you capture first? 

Season 4 Details 

If not for the virus outbreak (a rather stranger-things-like occurrence in itself), we would probably already enjoy the upcoming season. However, the show's current situation is delayed to sometime in 2021 with no announced date. 

Despite the long wait, we already have a few details about Stranger Things season 4 to spike our interest. Here's all you should know about it.

  1. Jim is alive. Yes, his return was confirmed in a short teaser, "From Russia with love," that depicts Hopper somewhere in Russia's snowy planes. That's good news for those worried about Hopper's future. But, really, how could the series go on without Jim? He is crucial for the endgame, I'm sure. On the other side, it's entirely unclear how the writers will connect his storyline for far away with the other main characters. Hopefully, we'll see some exciting plot twists.
  2. Plot. The plot is still unclear. We can only imagine what awaits the main cast. However, we know that the producers mention the characters doing what they love in a new way and with twists. And considering the listing of Eddie Munson, a resident of high-school Dungeons & Dragons club, I highly suspect that more in-universe creatures or aspects are coming. 
  3. Hopper is more than alive. To top the hype, the screenwriters did not only bring Jim back to life but gave him a major role this season. Harbour admitted that we would see Jin in new colors. The character will show his real strength. 
  4. The date. Unfortunately, no information has been revealed about the exact date. 
  5. Will there be season 5? Yes. The directors already have the series planned till the end, and it's not season 4. So, we get to enjoy at least a couple of more STranger Things seasons in the future. 
Currently, this is all the news that we know about the upcoming season. The filming has resumed and, hopefully, a new virus wave will not disturb it. More information will be revealed in the first trailer. So, I'll be surely waiting for it in 2021. 

This December, the only thing we can do is rewatching the existing three seasons and enjoying extra materials. Now, if you are ready to learn what Stranger Things monsters await you here, Start the quiz. 

When done with monsters, learn What Disney Princess You Are.

Stranger Things Quiz: What Monster Are You? Questions

stranger things quiz You are a villain in Hawkins, you'll go first after...
  • Will

  • Barbara

  • Billy

  • Dustin

stranger things quiz How much of a humanoid appearance would you like to have?
  • be an actual human, please

  • humanoid, a bit surreal

  • something more animal-like

  • definitely not human, I'm a monster after all

stranger things quiz Admit, you are rather cute!
  • no way! I'm fierce and scary

  • you got me

stranger things quiz Where does your strength lie?
  • my stromng body

  • my phychic mind 

  • my charm

stranger things In a group of villains, what would be your role?
  • the mastermind

  • a hidden assassin 

  • brute muscle stregth 

  • a spy amidst enemies 

stranger things quiz Are you a villain with a good back story? Or have you ever been bad?
  • I was ood initially

  • I was always bad

  • I was flawed, but like we all are

stranger things quiz If you could choose, what size would you like to be?
  • tiny

  • small

  • average

  • big

  • huge

stranger things quiz Why would you hunt the people of Hawkins?
  • it's my instinct to hunt

  • I was tasked by my master

  • I want to rule it

  • for revenge

stranger things quiz What super ability would you like to have?
  • making enemies weak

  • possess animals and humans

  • super-strenth

  • super cutness

  • mind reading

stranger things quiz Would you like to be the ruler or the mastermind behind?
  • ruler

  • mastermind

stranger things quiz Would you like people to be scared of you instantly or hide as "innocent" for a while?
  • instant fear

  • false cute

stranger things quiz Are you easily influenced?
  • yes, even too much!

  • sometimes, it depends

  • no. I'm rock

stranger things quiz Do you believe in extraterrestrial beings?
  • yes

  • no

stranger things quiz In your dreams, you often
  • fly

  • become a spy

  • kill bad guys

  • laugh

  • you usually don't remember them

stranger things quiz What is your favorite animal?
  • cat

  • dog

  • tiget

  • crow/parrot

  • rabbit

  • lizard

stranger things quiz Ghostbusters or supernatural?
  • Ghostbusters

  • Supernatural

stranger things quiz What is your favorite childhood game?
  • hopscotch

  • hide and seek

  • Simon says

stranger things quiz How bloody would your killings be?
  • super gruesome

  • bloody enough

  • a bit of blood, not much

  • no blood at all, I'll find other ways

stranger things quiz Who is more relatable for you?
  • Boogyman

  • It

  • Jack-o-lantern

  • zombie

  • dragon

stranger things quiz Would you originate on Earth?
  • yes

  • no

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