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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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Are you in love? It seems like an easy thing to know about yourself, but, in reality, it is hard to sort out your feelings. Even when you’ve had a special someone in your life for some time, you may still feel uncertain.

Love is more complicated than the Fairy Tales tell us. People are very different when it comes to their emotions and feelings. While some people believe in “love from first sight,” many cannot say the same thing. Besides, how do you distinguish between true love and simple infatuation? Can you tell that you truly love someone when you hardly know them? Wouldn’t it be infatuation based on the looks instead of deep feelings that come for a personality? This is where feelings become complicated. And you need an impartial Love quiz to get an outside perspective of your behavior.
Before we start with the test, read a few interesting facts about love every person should know!

Love Eases Pain

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Studying love is not an easy task. However, those scientists that take on it, find many interesting results. One of them is the fact that people in love don’t feel pain as strongly! That’s an amazing superpower of love.

A simple study showed that looking at the picture of your loved one reduced moderate pain by 40% and severe pain by 15%. Now, when you have that unpleasant doctor’s appointment, keep thy picture close by! Or, better, take them with you.

Btw, people in love report a lower frequency of headaches by 50%.

It’s Like You Are on Drugs

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When you are together with a person you love, it may seem as if you were on drugs. You also feel kind of high! According to this study, both actions increase the “happy hormones” in your body: dopamine, adrenalin, and oxytocin. This is a completely safe natural high.

So, stop ruining your body with drugs; just find love!

And just as drugs, being in love is addicting on a chemical level. Our brains can’t get enough of the “happy mixture,” no matter where it comes from.

Healthy Heart

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Another interesting study shows that love impacts our physical well-being. By analyzing over 3 million people overall, the scientists found that couples in love were 12% less likely to experience heart-related diseases.

Of course, you may experience some relationship-related stress from time to time, but the overall results show that a happy heart is a healthy one.

Another interesting heart-related fact - heartbeats of people in love can synchronize as they look into each other’s eyes.

Men Fall in Love Faster

i am in love test
Usually, we perceive women as more emotional and easy to feel love. Scientifically, that is untrue. This study shows that men are faster to fall in love and say I Love You! Unfortunately, the study offers no 100% explanation of the distinction. However, they theorize that women are simply more guarded and wary of a broken heart.

How is it with you? Are you quick to fall in love? Have you been in love at all?

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