What Attack on Titan Character Are You?

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a cult anime series and manga with millions of fans around the world. Among its most notable characters are

  • Levi 
  • Eren 
  • Mikasa
  • Hange
  • Sasha
  • Annie
  • Reinhart 
  • Zeke 
  • Armin 
  • Jean 
  • Historia 

These are only a few of the main characters of the show. AoT is full of great interesting characters besides these. Even the characters seen in a couple of episodes come with their touching backstories. Often heartbreaking ones! 

Would you like to know which character you can become in this epic story? Can you be a professional fighter killing all the Titans and protecting others? Or would you like to live across the ocean in a more civilized world, yet even more cruel? The choice will be made in this Attack on Titans character quiz! Your destiny awaits you!

Personally, I already have a set of cool characters I’d like to befriend. I can’t be sure about becoming one of them, but any one of these would be an excellent option for me. 


attack on titan

The most badass girl of the series is, hands down, Mikasa Ackerman. She is of the rare bloodline of the Ackermans and a descendant of Shisuzu royalty! But her unique blood is not what makes me like her the most (though her heightened senses in a fight are awesome!). She has a strong character. Mikasa is fierce but devoted and loving at the same time. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for the people she loves. She is a great fighter and an exceptionally good friend. 


attack on titan

Yes, I’m not too creative in choosing the characters I like. Everybody loves Levi, and so do I. He is a great captain and fighter. Although Levi usually shows the tough side of his character, he is very devoted to the few people close to him. He’s had a hard life that’s made him tough and cautious. But he can be softer inside for the few true friends. 


attack on titan

I don’t really know whether Jean is a popular character in the fandom or not. But I like hi. Jes, he’s a laughable goofball, but he is by far the most relatable of all. He gets scared; he can doubt his decisions but tries to be better nevertheless. I like his sense of humor and would like to become his friend. 

In time, we see that he really grows, becomes a great fighter, and an even better friend. That is character development that I’m rooting for! 


attack on titan

Speaking of goofy friends, I imagine that Hange is a great person to be around. Despite all her quirkiness, she is the perfect friend who’ll support you in times of need, shake you out of negative thoughts, and make you laugh! 

This cute eccentric is clever and level-headed when needs to be. Otherwise, she wouldn’t become the Commander after Erwin. 

That is my list of favorite Attack on Titan characters! Let’s see who you’ll become in this quiz! 

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Written by Irene

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