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By: Denis Priesnov
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What is your favorite type of anime? Are you a fan of Attack on Titan or Naruto? Fruit Basket or Cowboy Bebop? What type do you generally prefer? In this ultimate Anime Quiz, we've gathered the top anime series of all time to check just how much you know the best of the best.

Note that there are some of the most popular titles in the world. Obviously, they range in genres. If you are a fan of one only, you've hardly answered all these questions. Anyway, you'd better include other genres in your to-watch list. Why limit your experience with anime? You may be surprised at what genre you'll actually like! You never know until you try. And it's better to try several titles of one genre before deeming it unworthy. Not all anime is equal. There are perfect titles that you can binge in a day or two. Others are not so fine!

This quiz is dedicated to anime series only. There are tons of worthy anime movies, and they all deserve a test on their own.

To answer the first question I've mentioned, I'll offer you an official distinction of anime types that determine the general distinction.


This is a popular type of anime that is widely represented in the media. Many popular series of today and the past are shonen - meant for teenage boys. Such titles include Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, etc. Actually, the most popular anime is shounen, as this is the predominant anime audience.


While shonen is focused on the interest of young teen boys, shojo is meant for teen girls. You've already seen it, I bet. Who of us hasn't seen Sailor Moon? You have, I bet! You've probably seen an episode or two, even if you're a teenage boy! This is the guilty pleasure of everyone! Sakura the Cardcaptor is a bright example as well.


Another major category is anime meant for young adult men. These stories cover a wide range of themes, some more brutal than shonen, others more intimate and revealing. While hentai may be called seinen, intimacy is not an obligatory attribute.


Similar to seinen, josei is aimed at young adult girls. It covers more realistic topics that women face every day compared to the often idealistic shojo stories. Mature ladies want mature stories.


This is anime for kids. My Little Pony is a bright example! You don't even tell me that you don't know what it is. While pokemon features some topics adopted by shonen, pokemon are mainly aimed at kids! Although many young adults adore the game and are still fans of anime, they are mostly influenced by their childhood pokemon love nostalgia.
Considering the wider popularity of shonen genres, many of the titles in this anime test fall under this category! Be sure to pay extra attention to the titles you saw a long time ago.

Now, what category of anime do you love the most?
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