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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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Welcome to a Disney character quiz where you can check how many details you remember about the best Disney characters! Princesses? Check. Villains? Check. Animal sidekicks? Check. 

Everything you could possibly want in a Disney quiz is here! You’ll surely meet some of the forgotten characters and remember why they are worth your love just as much as the recent releases. Get ready to use your brain to the max and utilize all those deductive skills of yours. Make Sherlock proud! 

Admittedly, many characters did not get to this quiz, no matter how much I love them. However, if you like this one and would like Part 2 of this trivia, just leave your comments below or on my social accounts. I’d gladly dig even deeper into the Disney lore and find the details fit for Disney masters of trivia! 

This Disney characters trivia was inspired by the holiday season that screams Disney for me. In 2023, we deserve an excellent December break with the cozy, funny, and childishly-positive animated movies. They bring back kids in us and make us see the best sides in everything. Play a Disney movie before, and you’ll see unicorns in your dreams (or a dashing Disney prince, of course). The nostalgia brings inner warmth to your heart and makes all the worries go away, at least for those 90 minutes. Christmas season is the perfect time to take a warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa (with tiny marshmallows, obviously), maybe some popcorn, and find your Disney favorite on the popular streaming service. If you have your family nearby, sit them down for a Disney marathon as well. Bring joy to your beloved people. Fill the house with lightness and upbeat music. Btw, don’t forget to sing those Disney songs; I’m sure you know at least a couple of them. 

Best Disney Animated Movies for Christmas 

A Christmas Carol 

There is no Disney princess in this movie (Ebenezer is far from it;) but this is the epitome of a Christmas movie! Though this one is not the most popular Disney feature, it is perfect for this season. If you have no time or wish to reread the iconic Dickens book this time, A Christmas Carol will tell you the best parts in just under two hours. It’s a great family film to enjoy on Christmas Eve as well. 


Do they have Christmas in Arendelle? I hope so. Nevertheless, Frozen is on this list because of winter magic and, of course, Olaf. Though this title may be too fresh for you (after the dozens of times you’ve watched it in recent years), one more evening cheering for its main characters wouldn’t hurt, right? 

P.S. Do you wanna build a snowman? 

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

For more spooky Christmas vibes, go for this Nightmare. Its unusual animation and cool characters will remind you that Disney is not all about cheesy and sappy love stories. It can be funny, spooky, and a bit darker than we are all used to. 

 It just feels like the 90s through and through! 

Also, answer this: which Disney character are you?

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Disney Characters Quiz to Satisfy Your Inner Child Questions

disney character trivia Which Disney animal sidekick is the smallest?
  • Mushu 

  • Pascal 

  • Flounder

  • Timon

disney character trivia Which princess sidekick can play chess?
  • Meeko

  • Gus

  • Pascal 

  • Olaf

disney character trivia Which of these princesses is the least athletic?
  • Tiana

  • Pocahontas 

  • Mulan 

  • Moana

disney character trivia Which of these heroines is not actually an official Disney princess?
  • Merida 

  • Elsa

  • Tiana 

  • Mulan

disney character trivia What was the initial name of Mickey Mouse?
  • Rocky 

  • Jessie

  • Jack 

  • Mortimer 

disney character trivia For how many years was Genie sealed in a lamp in the Cave of Wonders?
  • 100

  • 1000

  • 50000

  • 10000

disney characters trivia Which of these characters was modeled after a famous drag queen?
  • Cruella de Vil

  • Yzma

  • Jafar

  • Ursula

disney characters trivia In which of these movies does a love interest play a bigger role than an animal sidekick?
  • The Little Mermaid

  • Snow White 

  • Cinderella

  • Mulan 

disney characters trivia Continue the iconic Mushu quotes: My little baby, off to...
  • become a hero 

  • kick ass 

  • destroy people

  • fight a war 

disney characters trivia What species is Timon?
  • mongooses

  • meerkat

  • fossa

  • African civet

disney characters trivia Who is the only Disney princess to have two love interests?
  • Snow White 

  • Bell 

  • Anna 

  • Pocahontas 

disney characters trivia What’s Prince Naveen’s homeland?
  • Maldonia 

  • Moldova

  • Macedonia 

  • Mauritius

disney questions trivia Who said this: “But mother, I don’t want to grow up.”
  • Peter

  • Wendy 

  • John 

  • Michael 

disney questions trivia What color are Rapunzel’s eyes?
  • blue

  • green

  • hazel

  • chocolate

disney questions trivia Which of these princesses is the shortest?
  • Snow White 

  • Mulan

  • Merida

  • Ariel

  • Jasmine

disney questions trivia Which of these Disney villains does not practice magic?
  • Dr. Facilier

  • Queen of Hearts 

  • Yzma

  • Hades

disney questions trivia This is the Duke of...
  • Weaselton

  • Weseltown 

  • Weselton

  • Weaseltown

trivia about disney What’s this character’s name?
  • Creeper 

  • Jeeper 

  • Krampus

  • Krampy 

trivia about disney Which of these animals is not among the main characters in Robin Hood?
  • snake

  • bear

  • deer 

  • vixen

trivia about disney True or false: Goofy is actually not a dog, but a cow.
  • true 

  • false

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