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By: Denis Priesnov
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Doctor Who is one of the most popular TV series ever! There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard about it. 

Doctor Who first aired in 1963. The initial run lasted 26 years with the respective 26 seasons. During the initial series, the audience has seen eight official Doctor Who incarnations. The reboot of the series didn’t start it all again but continued starting with the 9th Doctor. It took off again in 2005 and is still ongoing. 

That is quite an impressive span for a TV series. Only the most devoted fans have seen all the seasons and can successfully pass this Doctor Who trivia quiz. Are you one of them? Try your luck and test your memory with us! 

Doctor Who is a massive product, no doubt. It has already surpassed the original TV series. Today, it covers multiple movies, cartoons, and comic books. For the sake of your sanity, I haven’t included some of the lesser-known information you’ll hardly know. If you’d like to expand the quiz with the top-grade hard trivia facts, let me know in the comment! 

For now, check these impressive numbers that show just how magnificent of a project it is. 

Doctor Who in Numbers 

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Since 2015, there have already been 147 episodes! And that is only the revival era. Imagine how many episodes there are overall! Think hard - it’ll help you in the upcoming Doctor Who test

If counting only the canon full-time Doctors, there have been 13 incarnations. Plus, we can add the War Doctor and a few small disheveled appearances. But counting them is less interesting than the next thing!

And it is the overall setting of Doctors’ travels! While the past/future travels seem to take approximately the same amount of attention, the advantage goes to the future. 51% of our favorite Time Lord’s travels are set in the future. Interestingly, the past’s percentage is not 49! It’s only 23%. Around 16% of adventures happen on spacecraft, 33% on alien worlds, and 4% on other realms. You can check the detailed statistics here.

The 4th Doctor, portrayed by Tom Baker, holds an important Doctor Who record - the longest on-screen time. 71 hours and 37 minutes in the main series!!! That is quite an impressive number for British television overall and for Doctor Who especially. 

The youngest “doctor” is only 27 years old. Matt Smith was only 27 when he took the role of the 11th Doctor in the series. Both his young appearance and actor skills made him a largely popular Doctor among the younger generation of fans. 

Daleks are the main enemy of the Doctor of all incarnations. They took up 13 stories in the revival series, while the second most impressive villain, the Cybermen, only 11 stories. Can you guess the third archenemy of the reboot? Of course, you know him. It’s the Master!

Now, after a few fun numbers, are you ready to move to the main part of the fun? The quiz! Also, you can try this cool Attack on Titan character quiz later! 

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