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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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How do you tell if a man likes you? Or what if it’s just a by and you are both still young? Some of us are too shy to admit what we are truly feeling. But does he like me? Even if he's shy? For that, body language and unconsciousness come into play.
Certain studies allow you to read a person like an open book. Kinesics reveal secrets behind your body position and gestures. Other non-verbal language means include facial expressions. If you have n other clues for your object of interest, you may try to understand his body language and facial expressions to understand better what he feels when near you.
does he like me
Of course, the immediate physical response is not the only way. Words carry greater meaning than most people believe. And uncovering those subconscious slip-ups and revelations brings you closer to what is truly on his mind. And while we don’t encourage alcohol intake, especially its excessive use, taking notice of how he behaves and what he says after a glass of alcoholic beverage is sure of finding his feelings and intentions.
A person’s habits and behaviors are also significant indicators. If you notice that he pays greater attention to your mood, wellbeing, and wants, you sure are stuck in his heart. If you notice that the man of your dreams remembers some personal stuff about you that you’ve rarely mentioned, last assured that he likes you more than a friend.

Friendly or romantic

How to tell if a guy likes you in a romantic way?

When trying to determine your surrounding people’s feelings, it’s important to distinguish friendly intentions from romantic ones. In many cases, close friends’ signs can be similar to a couple that has not yet shared their feelings. When you see a male friend taking your hand or hugging you, do not rush to assume romantic intentions. Friends are quite touchy-feeling as well. Well, depending on the person, of course.
While a friend would take care of your wellbeing and try to help if you ask, a person with a deeper feeling would go out of their way to ensure your safety, comfort, and wellbeing. BEsides, friends pay less attention to every little fact about your life. And they will be aloof about physical contact. If you notice that a person is sweating when touching you, rest assured that they see you in a more than friendly way.
does he like me
Now, the best way to ensure that a person feels the same as you are to ask them. But are you ready for such a serious conversation with Him? Or do you still wonder how do I tell if he loves me? I know how hard it is to confess or to discuss something so close to your heart, but there is a chance that he may just be or afraid of rejection. After all, this is the 21st century, and women can do anything they like. Ask him out already!
P.S. But first, find out your Love Language

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