Love Language Quiz: Are You Bilingual?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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Love is one of the essential aspects of our lives. It is directly connected to happiness and the satisfaction of life. And this love quiz is a clear example of that. For many people, this is an essential feeling, and we go beyond our ways to find that fabled true love. After all, who would wake us up from an enchanted slumber? The fairy tales taught us that, at least. 

Love comes in many forms. Often, hearing this word, we think of romantic love. This is the most talked-about notion in the media and real life. From early childhood, we read stories of princes and dashing adventurers falling in love and finding their happily ever after. With this being said, we rarely see what happens after that ending. Is it truly happy and forever? 

But love reaches further than that. What about platonic friendship love? Friends are really important to us, and how can we not love people so close to us? This love language quiz is abut that as well. Some people value it more than romantic, others less. But there’s no denying its existence. 

The one love that nobody can forget and neglect is family love. We love our parents, kids, and close family (with a few exceptions, probably). Even when we get angry at them, we will do anything to make them happy. This kind of love is very similar to friendship but far exceeds it. The family should be your closest ally. 

Does your love language applies to all these kinds of love. Mostly, yes. We are who we are, and we express ourselves in a certain way with all people close to us. There are differences and variations in how we express it depending on a person, but the general notion remains the same. 

The Science Behind Love

Lust and attraction are closely related to one another yet close at the same time. And while they often go hand in hand, they are possible separately as well. Lust is about sexual gratification. Thus hypothalamus stimulates the production of estrogen and testosterone, driving sexual desire. 

Attachment and love are closely connected to the reward pathway. As the hypothalamus stimulates dopamine production, we link certain things we do to the reward stimuli. With the increase of related hormone norepinephrine, we will kind of “high” when merely spending time with loved ones and during intimacy. You may notice feeling energetic, giddy, and increase your appetite! The reward functions of dopamine can also be tracked at addicts. The study showed that the same areas light up as we eat sugar or indulge in substances. Thus, dopamine controls both good and bad qualities in us. An addict’s withdrawal is somewhat similar to when a person in love craves the company of their significant other. 

In the end, it all comes to hormones and our brain functions. At least, this is what scientists say. Personally, I prefer to believe that there’s at least something spiritual in falling in love. Maybe, this is our 8th chakra at work? Or perhaps, there are soulmates in our world? What do you think? 

Now, let's check which one of love language types is yours!

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