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Friends is the cult TV series of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000’s. For ten seasons, it showed us the lives of people who we could call friends! Watching the lives of 6 amazing people for a decade makes you close. And this Friends quiz will test just how much you know the group.
Everybody from the age of 12 to around 70 knows this TV show. Despite the years after its final episodes, you can easily find the show on streaming services and cable TV at all times. This is a fan-favorite without an expiration date. Rewatching friends can be easily done anywhere at any time. And some of us have already seen it a dozen times. Each episode! It’s just a great TV show to put on in the background while doing some chores or traveling. And when you don’t have to look at the screen to know what is going on, your time with Friends is even more effortless.
Unlike many other sitcoms, this one holds your interest till the end. You don’t get tired of it after around season 5 and continue watching the mundane and not so situations in their lives. If you are new to the show and still unsure whether to watch it further or how the characters truly, use this guide for reference.


Monica is the glue of the group. She is the hostess, and she likes it. The primary setting of the series is her apartment. In fact, at one point in their lives, everybody lived in it! And Monica makes sure all the guys feel welcome and comfortable at the apartment.
Her childhood insecurities still haunt Monica at times. She needs people to like her and has a case of very peculiar OCD. All her friends know about Monica’s manic need to keep everything clean and organized.


Being Monica’s brother, Ross, is very close to the woman. Often, we see glimpses at their interactions throughout their lives. As kids, they were not the closest. But now they hardly have a day without seeing each other.
Ross is the geek of the group, being into science and his greatest love, dinosaurs. The only love that competes with them is Rachel. Their relations are too complicated, but all the fans root for the couple.


Speaking to Rachel, here comes the spoilt yet reformed woman. The first glimpse we have is her running away on her wedding day. This runaway bride has known Monica and Ross since her childhood, but she’s never been so close to them as now!
Coming from a wealthy family, Rachel finds it hard to start her own independent life but soon becomes a successful wholesome woman.


Let’s switch across the hallway to Monica’s neighbors. Joye is a struggling actor with mediocre acting skills. Throughout the seasons, we see him fail at many jobs, but, ultimately, he gets the part of his dreams!
Joey is sweet and caring. Not the brightest pea in a pod, but the gentle heart of the group.


Chandler is the main comic relief of the series. He is more than a neighbor; he is a long-time friend.
His traumatic childhood made him sarcastic and insecure. And while the latter is sad, the fans adore his sense of humor! Could he BE any funnier?


Phoebe is the mystery of the group. We’ve hardly learned even a quarter of her life in all the ten seasons, which is fascinating.
Phoebe is a spiritual soul but has a rough side to her! She is eccentric and funny and brutally honest. A unique personality that is the group’s crucial part despite all their differences.

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