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The Office is a largely popular US mockumentary show that features daily life in a regular American working space. The series first aired in 2005 and was running for almost a decade. With a total of nine seasons, the show has lots of funny details and character development to show its fans. Thus, this The Office quiz is not an easy task unless you've watched it a couple of times! 

Now, are you a dedicated and devoted fan who knows the most exciting details about the show's leading characters? There is an easy way to find out how knowledgeable you are. Proceed to the quiz and spend the next couple of minutes with one of the funniest shows on American TV. 

Speaking of American and worldwide TV series, did you know that The Office US was not an original idea? It is actually "an adaptation" (or a version) of The Office UK released back in 2001. Have you seen this one? If so, which adaptation do you like best? 

The Office US and UK Differences 

Michael vs. David 

These are the two leading management figures for the shows. These counterparts couldn't be more different and similar at the same time. As the basis, the UK version introduced David, and the US screenplay had to adapt him to the new settings and give the manager some unique traits. 

They are both cringy, petty, arrogant, and kind of a jerk. However, in time, Michael shows some redeeming qualities and actually becomes the favorite office dweller for many TV fans. Simply put, if I had to choose who to work for, I'd go for Michael without a doubt. 


We all know that American and British humor are two very different types of comedy. Most of the time, if you are used to one, you'll hardly appreciate the other. Both shows have a fair share of cringy episodes, but the UK version has a lead in that. British humor of the show is more brutal, honest, and realistic. The showrunners do not feel the need to make us like the characters. This is more of a tragi-comedy with pessimistic undercurrents. The US version is more overtly funny and slapstick. The writers make characters more likable. Both versions are equally funny but find their own audience. 

Character Development 

Considering the difference in both shows' length, it comes with no surprise that the two-season UK version offers static characters. There is no time and need for that. 

The US counterpart lasts for nine seasons. To keep the audience, character development is essential. Thus, we see all of the leading figures of the Office grow as people and as professionals. They make friends, build relationships, and get families in the span of those 9 years. Not only that, but the side characters also get their arcs and mini-stories. 

This Office trivia quiz will focus mostly on the main characters but be sure to keep tabs on the whole workspace! 

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