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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 9 months ago
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This Haikyuu quiz is meant to uncover just how much of a hardcore fan you are. Have you read the manga? Have you watched the anime series? How about OVA? Are you ready to check your skills and memory on how well you remember all the important details and minor trivia facts?

When did you discover the series? Personally, I was a late addition to the fanbase and got into it only a couple of years ago. It all began with the anime. Actually, now that I think about it, it all began from a fellow trivia quiz! Haikyuu was a part of the general anime trivia. (I have a similar Ultimate Anime quiz here as well! I saw a couple of cool pictures read the short profiles of the main characters, saw one cool pitch in a YouTube mashup, and was hooked!

This is my story. But how did it all begin for you? Just share why exactly you love Haikyuu in the comments section.

Haikyuu Quiz Mediums

haikyuu trivia
To make it a bit more complex and exciting, I’ve added a couple of questions about manga. Of course, the majority of the test is focused on the anime series as most people find it the preferred medium. Thus, results are built to get the top tier even without answering the manga questions. If you show a perfect score when answering all anime-related questions, you’ll still get a great result.
Also, I’ve decided not to include the OVA questions in this quiz mainly because I don’t find fascinating bits of trivia there.

Are These Haikyuu Trivia Questions Hard?

haikyuu trivia quiz
This is the intermediate level of Haikyuu questions. My task was to create an interesting quiz that won’t make you give up after a mere five questions because you can’t answer anything. Thus, if you are a new fan of the series, you can also complete the quiz.

If you would like to take another hardcore type of trivia for the random, please let me know in the comments or on social media. I’ll gladly create a massive beast that you’ll have to defeat like a true hero!

How Long is the Haikyuu Test?

haikyuu test
If it contained only five questions, where would the fun be in that? And even ten questions is too short for the series that are so cool. Thus, I’ve created a 20 question test to get an opportunity to check your knowledge in detail. Do not worry; time flies when you are involved in the things you like. You’ll feel like it’s only been a minute as you complete the last question.

Besides, after completing this anime quiz, I’m sure you’d also procrastinate on something other anime-related, right? Thus, I will give you a complete list of anime quizzes. You can choose whichever you like the most and start from that! E.g. Start from this One Piece Quiz and forward!

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