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Slytherin common welcomes you, fellow Housemate! And for all those from other Houses: we see through all your polyjuice tricks! After all, we are the cunning ones! And would know your trickery immediately. However, we understand the great interest all others hold for the Slytherin tenants and will test your worthiness to remain here via this Slytherin House quiz

Until recently, we were proud to keep our room exclusive to our students only. In fact, Slytherins have maintained this integrity for many years. Until Harry Potter, of course. Now that the “charm” is ruined, we are welcome here too. But serious quizzing is required. 

Mysterious Lot

If you think that Slytherin is a highly intriguing Hogwarts House, I fully support you. Its history is rich in ups and downs, great wizards, and the dark ones. However, unlike other Houses, Slytherin does not cover its eyes at the more controversial aspects of its history and accepts its dark patches. It’s a known stereotype among many students that all the dark wizards are from Slytherin. However, that is not true. While the House has a fair share of them, other houses are not spotless in this aspect. Slytherins just own it! And all the Harry Potter House quizzes prove it repeatedly. 

Just like they embrace the negative stereotypes about their House and use it to their advantage. Are people afraid of them? On many occasions, yes! And what do they do? Throw a couple of covert threats, mention Dart Arts, and enjoy their antics.
harry potter houses quiz

However, the greatest pride of this House is its unity. Yes, they may be full snide remarks and sneers, but they will not allow rudeness towards anyone of their House. Only the inner circle is allowed that! You see, this is like a secret club. If you are accepted, you are one of them, and they will stand up for you. The risque banter inside the House is usually friendly, in fact. And that is how families work! 

Incredible Slytherins

To my mind, Slytherin is more of a grey House than any other is. It is all about duality. Its students see the greys in life and live outside a fool’s paradise. In this House, you can see an epitome of blood-purists and an aspiring Death Eater conduct one of the bravest acts in history by moving against the Darkest of Wizards single-handedly. We know of a double-agent wizard who’s risked everything to commemorate the love of his life. And we all read about the greatest wizard of all times, a Slytherin at that, founding an Order to protect Muggles! If this is not what makes Slytherin great in your eyes, I’d gladly listen to your thoughts!

Also, I’d gladly speak with you about your favorite Slytherins. Who do you like the most? Are they present in the main book series or a part of its history? 

For now, let’s enjoy this Hogwarts House quiz. 

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Only the Most Cunning Slytherin Can Pass This House Quiz Questions

harry potter house quiz Which of these 28 sacred families does not have a long-lasting history of being mostly sorted in Slytherin?
  • Avery

  • Rosier

  • Macmillan

  • Carrow

harry potter house quiz Where's the entrance to Slytherin common room located?
  • through a door on the right side of the Entrance Hall

  • behind a narrow entrance at the the Viaduct Entrance

  • on the left from the Grand Staircase

  • down the DADA corridor

harry potter house quiz Who is the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin?
  • Merope Gaunt

  • Isolt Sayre

  • Harry Potter

  • Tom Riddle

slytherin quiz Which of these students was not petrified by the Basilisk?
  • Justin Finch-Fletchley

  • Hannah Abbott

  • Penelope Clearwater

  • Colin Creevey

slytherin quiz The descendants of which Peverell brother are related to the Slytherin family?
  • Antioch

  • Cadmus

  • Ignotus

slytherin quiz Which of these students was not a part of the Slytherin Quidditch team?
  • Regulus Black

  • Theodore Nott

  • Adrian Pucey

  • Miles Bletchley

slytherin quiz What incantation did Malfoy use to conjure a snake in the "Chamber of Secrets"?
  • Vipera Evanesca

  • Draconis Sortire

  • Sepro Appareo

  • Serpensortia

harry potter house quiz How do you open the door to the Slytherin common room?
  • by pushing a hidden knob

  • via a secret door knock

  • answer its questions

  • via a password

slytherin quiz Which of these fabled wizards was a Slytherin?
  • Merlin

  • Gandalf

  • Morgana

  • Nicolas Flamel

slytherin quiz Before the polyjuice escapade in Harry’s second year, how long was Slytherin common room impenetrable by outsiders?
  • 50 years

  • 100 years

  • 700 years

  • not once since Hogwarts’ foundation

slytherin quiz How many times has the Chamber of Secrets been opened since Salazar’s death?
  • only once

  • at least two-three times

  • at least 5 times

  • every Slytherin heir secretly opened it

hogwarts slytherin quiz How many Voldemort's Horcruxes were destroyed in the Chamber of Secrets?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

hogwarts quiz Where was Salazar Slytherin born?
  • "a moor"

  • "broad valleys"

  • "the glens"

  • "the fens"

hogwarts slytherin quiz What is the core of Salazar's wand?
  • horn of a Basilisk

  • horn of Horned serpent

  • Thestral's tail hair

  • Kelpie hair

hogwarts slytherin quiz When was Tom Riddle born?
  • 31 December, 1925

  • 31 December, 1926

  • 30 December, 1926

  • 30 December, 1925

hogwarts slytherin quiz How old was Tom Riddle when he created his first Horcrux?
  • 16

  • 17

  • 18

hogwarts slytherin quiz How many Slytherin Headmasters (Headmistresses) were in Hogwarts in the 20th century?
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

harry potter house quiz How often is the password to the Slytherin common room changed?
  • every day

  • every week

  • every fortnight

  • every month

hogwarts slytherin quiz Apart from Sirius, was there a member of House Black (the main branch) also not sorted into Slytherin?
  • yes

  • not that we know of

Tom Riddle is also known as Lord Voldemort. But many other "nicknames" are used in the series as well. Which if these is not mentioned?
  • You-Know-Who

  • Serpent Lord 

  • Chief Death Eater

  • The Dark Lord 

slytherin tirivia When did the last heir of Slytherin die?
  • 2 May 1998

  • 31 Devember 1997

  • 31 December 1926

  • still alive

harry potter slytherin quiz Who was Bloody Baron in love with?
  • Helena Ravenclaw

  • Rowena Ravenclaw

  • Walburga Black 

  • Gormlaith Gaunt

Harry Potter quiz Who did Voldemort kill to make a horcrux out of Slytherin's Locket?
  • Hepzibah Smith

  • Tom Riddle Senior

  •  Morfin Gaunt

  • A Muggle tramp

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