House of the dragon quiz. How well you watched the prequel?

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 A thorough, deep dive into the fictional and epic Targaryen bloodline is here, by the name of House of The Dragon. This series is a prequel to the Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. If you have watched Game of Thrones, you will be familiar with Daenerys Targaryen a.k.a. Mother of Dragons, and her quest to take back what is rightfully hers, The Iron Throne. 

What is House of the Dragon

 House of The Dragon is set 172 years prior to the birth of Daenerysand throws light on when and how, a gigantic, magnificent throne was built. The series revolves around SUCCESSION, and this is elegantly portrayed in the very first scene in the Great Council. 

The most powerful house, How & Why?

 One aspect that made Targaryens, the most powerful house, is their power to control the dragons. The desire, to not only rule the seven kingdoms but to rule it beside the most powerful creatures, Dragons is all that makes sense. 

Out of the norms

 Going against the norms and making Rhaneyra,the first-ever ruling queen of Westeros,instead of Daemon Targaryen, cast a dark spell that proceeds throughout the season. Daemon and Viserys, the strong, white-haired,dragon riders, male conquerors is also a good touch as we were only familiar with the female ones. Like GOT (Game of Thrones), House of The Dragon also received an overwhelming response, this August. The plot, the characters, the actors and not to mention,spoiler alert, the twist, all are equally incredible. By the way, with this fan following and super exciting plot, how many times have you watched it already? Also, you must have a few favorite episodes or scenes to watch later. Not sure about you, but I definitely have. One thing is for sure, House of The Dragon has brought back the GOT fever. Despite the disappointment faced in the last episode of GOT, we are still here, watching and praising another show written by the very same person who loves butchering protagonists as meat. House of the Dragon, for sure, reignited the hype and excitement. 

Last but not least

 The constant struggle for power between the Blacks and Greens kept the plot hot and intriguing. The naming of a female as Queen and that, of, seven kingdoms was never going to be digested easily. Hence, the thrush of power, hatred, and Dragon wars are all that made it worth watching.   
house of dragon trivia
If you have watched it so many times or if you are too excited about it. You must be able to complete the quiz to the best possible level. Are you all set for it? Ready. Steady. Go! 

House of The Dragon Trivia

 This is a very challenging, energizing, and interesting quiz based on your knowledge as well as your interest in the series. The quiz is going to be trivia yet inspiring. This trivia concerns the main plot, the characters and to say nothing of, the very obvious, The Dragons. The Dragons are part and parcel of this trivia. Moreover, lust, power, and brains are also part of it. I hope you do enjoy this quiz as it galvanizes its readers, encourages them, and develops a sense of accomplishment. Hope you achieve the highest possible marks and results as it will show your grip on the subject which definitely shows your field of interest. Also, share with us your 100% result once you are done with it! Following are 25 quick questions for you to ponder upon. Best of very luck. See you on the other side. You may also be interested in Game of Thrones House Quiz

House of the dragon quiz. How well you watched the prequel? Questions

house of the dragon quiz __________&________ were always meant to burn together!
  • Leanord & Rhaenyra

  • Cristen & Rhaenyra

  • Harwin & Rhaenyra

  • Daemon & Rhaenyra

house of the dragon trivia quiz Queen Aemma began her labor
  • When the princess was riding her dragon Syrax

  • During the tourney

  • During the grand dinner

  • None

house of the dragon trivia quiz Who said this, “The glory of old Valeryria will never be seen again”
  • Viserys

  • Daemon

  • Lord Corlys

  • Alicent

house of the dragon trivia quiz The title, “the Queen who Never Was” was given to
  • Rhaenyra

  • Rhaenys

  • Lady Jocelyn

  • None

house of the dragon test Who brought the dragon egg back from Daemon, without a bloodshed?
  • Lord Otter

  • Rhaenyra

  • Sir Criston

  • Ser Harwin

house of the dragon test House Velaryon is stronger than Targaryan but only ____________ excels their power over theformer.
  • Valleryan steel

  • Dragon

  • Dragon stone

  • Dragon hand

house of the dragon test Whom did the legendary “White stag”came to?
  • Prince Aegon

  • Viserys

  • Rhaenyra

  • Daemon

house of the dragon test Why does King Viserys wanted Rhaenyra to marry?
  • To have her succession

  • To have his grandchildren

  • To cast her away

  • Because he loved her

house of the dragon test Said who? Lord Colyrs plan to wed his daughter Lady Laena to the sea lord son?
  • Viserys

  • Otto

  • Daemon

  • Alicent

house of dragon trivia Visyrs said, “King is larger than you and your desires” to whom?
  • Otto

  • Daemon

  • Alicent

  • Rhaenyra  

house of dragon trivia who is called a Vulture in the series and by whom?
  • Otto, Rhaenyra

  • Rhaenyra, Visyrs

  • Daemon, Rhaenyra

  • Daemon, Otto

house of dragon trivia Who sent the “Tea” to the princess, to get rid of the unwanted consequences.?
  • Otto Hightower

  • Queen Alicent

  • King Viserys

  • Daemon Targaryan

house of dragon trivia Who was princess Rhaeneyra betrothed to?
  • Daemon

  • Ser Criston

  • Ser Harold

  • Ser Laenor

house of dragon trivia What colour is Daemon’s Dragon?
  • Red

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Brown

house of the dragon trivia Targareyans have Dragons, what does the Prince of Pentos has?
  • Dragons

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Horses

house of the dragon trivia How did Lady Laena die?
  • Because of childbirth

  • By jumping from a cliff

  • By ordering her own dragon

  • Murdered

house of the dragon trivia Who was the father of Rhaeneyra’s children?
  • Ser Leanor

  • Ser Criston

  • Ser Harwin

  • Daemon

house of the dragon trivia “What are children. But a weakness” was said by?
  • Alicent

  • Viserys

  • Rhaenyra

  • Lord Larys

house of the dragon trivia A famous saying: Salt courses through _______ blood.
  • Velaryon

  • Targaryan

  • Coryls

  • Hightower

house of the dragon trivia “Each one of us capable of depravity” Said Daemon to _____?
  • Rhaenyra

  • King Viserys

  • Queen Alicent

  • Otto Highway

house of the dragon quiz Who claimed the Vhagar dragon after Laenas’s death?
  • Aemond

  • Aegon

  • Jacy

  • Dameon

house of the dragon quiz Velaryons knew, ___________ is the better ally.
  • Sand

  • Sky

  • Sea

  • Seashell

house of the dragon quiz __________offers an escape.
  • Sky

  • Sand

  • Sea

  • Seashell

house of the dragon quiz What does Lord Larys called Queen Alicent?
  • My Grace

  • My Queen

  • My Lady

  • None

house of the dragon quiz Which side Rhaenyra was on?
  • Greens

  • Blacks

  • Yellows

  • Red

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