How Many Camels Are You Worth?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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Camel worth levels:

  • 0-25 camles 
  • 26-50 camels 
  • 51-75 camels 
  • 76-100 camels
This system is used for this camel quiz to determine just how many camels you can ask for your imaginable price. Use it as a cheat sheet when you get the final result! 

How many camels am I worth? This is a somewhat strange question to ask! But not in 2023! 
These days, this is a valid question that various people ask all over TikTok! 

If you haven’t heard, this is a test that determines your value in camels. You can check the variety of social media videos that will feature people completing the quiz to discover their worth. And you’ll get a general idea. 

If you haven’t seen such tests yet, let me introduce you to the concept. 

What’s the Idea Behind This Camel Worth Test? 

how many camels are you worth
The original quiz is not my idea. All the credits go to

However, I know just the origins of such an idea! You probably know that ancient customs are sometimes strange for a modern mind. In some cases, the archaic traditions of one place are still honored in another. 

In ancient times, when female rights were limited, the head of the family was tasked with setting up marriage for the family’s girls. And no one would give away their precious daughters for naught. So in many countries of the Middle East and Africa (basically, in the areas where camels are endemic), these creatures served as a “ransom.” Sometimes as a dower as well. 

Camels were a necessary commodity back then. They were used for transportation and were the “driving force” of many businesses. 

That is why people were evaluated in camels as well. But the number also depends on the region. Somewhere, they are not a rarity and cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars. In other places, one camel costs ten or even twenty times more. 

Thus, such tests are very subjective and use their distinctive measuring levels. 

How Does This Camel Calculator Work? 

how many camels am i worth quiz
A camel calculator is generally a very superficial one. Many quick programs just ask for your age, height, weight, and eye/hair color as if that is the only thing that matters. The female guests also offer such options as breast size, body type, and booty shape. This is the extent of it. 

Obviously, such short online calculators are inaccurate and focused only on a set of physical features, which doesn’t really show us the true worth of a person. 

I know that evaluating people is unethical, but this quiz is done merely for entertainment purposes. Do not take the result to heart. 

To offer more of a comprehensive look at you, I’ve included some other important aspects, such as your inner worlds, intelligence, habits, and worldview. I believe these additional questions will uncover a person better! And probably add several camels of worth to really fascinating pleasant people. 

After all, appearances are not the most important. 

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