What Is Your Type of Men? Find Your Match!

Men Types Quiz

Are you attracted to certain men types? We all know the saying “I have a type,” but what exactly does it mean? In most cases, it certainly surpasses just the typical hair color preferences. It is more about the core behavior features.

So, can you confidently say that you have a type? If you are still unsure, we can offer you an answer to the question! This men type quiz will analyze your preferences and subconscious choices to determine which of the universal archetypes of males you tend to choose.

But how about learning more about each type in advance to try and predict your probable result? Let’s try this.

Types of Men

Yes, these archetypes are not the only ones possible, but they are the prevailing majority or sure!

The Bad Boy

Okay, this one is quite obvious. Women are famous for having a weak spot for “bad boys.” But let’s not confuse them with abusers and sort of murderous criminals. If a woman needs her man to be THE MAN, it only means an alpha personality, confidence (sometimes with an ego too large to grasp), and charisma. Then, of course, to support the “bad boy” image, they need to be rough around the edge and have slight disregard towards all others (except for his woman, of course)

A Nice Guy

Unfortunately, this archetype of men is less prevalent in works of fiction compared to the previous type but is well-respected in real life. A nice guy is a perfect friend but doesn’t get too deep to get into the friend zone area. A nice guy is definitely less extroverted than the bad boy but is not obligatory the biggest introvert, though they lean to this side.

A nice guy is arguably a more secure and calm option for the long run. But they can and do bring lots of light positive memories to your life.

Laidback Jokester

Some women prefer to have a constant comedy show in their lives. And this is where the jokester comes in! He swoops the lady off her feet with clever jokes and a radiant personality. He is always the heart of a group and enjoys attention.

This man is laidback and nowhere as intense as the bad boy. This type is a bit immature, as expected.

A Sensitive Soul

Unexpectedly, this archetype of males thrives from female attention due to his “wounded heart.” He is a closed introvert who doesn’t let anyone in his heart because of past wounds. And this is where a woman wants “to heal” and to become the first one to enter a man’s heart.

He is definitely a romantic at heart but hides his feelings, not wanting to be hurt. Such a man will be the emotional support in the long run but may lack initiative and ambition.

So, do you already know which one of these four types is your usual preference? And I’m speaking about genuine relationships, not about choosing a compelling fictional character to fall in love with!

Place your bets and start a Male Type test to see how well you know yourself.

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