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By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 11 months ago
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 What is wrong with me? I bet you’ve thought of this question several times in your life. As humans, we are highly critical of ourselves. Well, at least most of us. Shame, blame, and awkwardness accompanies us throughout our lives. These are the feelings that make us doubt ourselves and think about such questions. Overall, people are strange as a species. Each one of us has something wrong with them. This is if speaking truthfully. However, I’d consider such “wrong” traits as our individualities. For example, some people are openly annoying; others are petty, and so on. These are the traits generally considered unfavorable in society. But we all possess at least one such feature. Plus, despite the seeming comfort we are living in, the 21st century is a stressful time to be alive. Yes, we’ve improved some aspects, but they come with anxiety, high competition, financial struggles, and so on. So, we are all strange sometimes, and stress multiplies the effects. Let me say this - there is something wrong with you. I just know that, and you can feel that. So, let’s just check what kind of wrong we are talking about and embrace the problem, shall we? 

What Is Wrong With You?

 There are multiple sides on which we can approach the topic. There are numerous mental and physical issues that you can suffer from. There are also emotional issues and societal expectations that are getting out of hand lately. Overall, this is a complex issue requiring years of therapy and consultations. Unfortunately, only a few of us have the time and money right away. So, let’s start with determining your weak sides so you have a specific issue to study and solve.
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 I’ve seen the excellent Ted Talk by Dr. Rosenberg about this topic and was impressed by it like many others. One side of the quiz is devoted to her study of emotions and how we always run away from our issues. This is a vital issue of much of our wrongness. So, we must study the effects of surpassed emotions on your psyche. 


 One of the most significant issues from society’s perspective is certain habits that just annoy people. Have you already completed Am I Annoying quiz? It may tell you a lot about how people perceive you. However, this may only be a part of the wrongness. But an important one nevertheless. 

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 There are numerous quizzes on this website that study one’s personality. This is such an interesting topic! I hope to uncover many exciting sides of a human’s mind. I’ve already mentioned the annoying quiz; you can start from it. Also, Am I a difficult person studies whether it’s easy being friends with you. Whether conversations with you are easy and whether you are a gentle person overall. This one is different from the annoying quiz! Am I a sociopath? This is one way of wrongness. Out psyche is unpredictable and understudies. Sociopaths and psychopaths have a unique mind that perceives things differently. Maybe you are one of them? Have you checked? 

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