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By: Denis Priesnov
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Sociopathy is a casual term used to describe people with an antisocial personality disorder. It often comes with the juxtaposition of “sociopath vs. psychopath.”

Here are a few comparative characteristics of both:

  1. Psychopaths are considered more cold-hearted and manipulative, while sociopaths are hot-headed. 
  2. Some scientists draw such a distinction: psychopaths are born, sociopaths are made. 
  3. Psychopaths are believed to integrate into society better because they imitate empathy, while sociopaths simply don’t care.  
  4. Sociopaths are more impulsive. 
  5. Certain doctors distinguish that sociopaths can recognize they are doing something wrong but not care. Psychopaths don’t see it at all. 
These are just a few characteristics that separate the two. Moreover, various sources draw the line flexibly. All in all, these are just the two variations of the same. They both are a part of the same disorder. You cannot be diagnosed either. This is an unofficial distinction. Officially, a psychiatrist can only diagnose antisocial personality disorder. The above-mentioned terms must help to highlight certain traits of a person in more detail. 


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There is one important factor to diagnosing the disorder that most people wouldn’t think of - child delinquency. The history (and surely the official statement) of conduct problems by the age of 15. If a person doesn’t exhibit such behavior, experts rule out this personality disorder and search for the root of the problem somewhere else. 

That doesn’t mean, though, that every teen or child with a conduct disorder is a sociopath or a psychopath. However, the chances are high. Statistically, around 25%-40% of children with a conduct disorder are later diagnosed with an antisocial personality disorder. 

The disorder usually coexists with the following conditions: 

  • narcissism personality disorder 
  • substance abuse disorder
  • anxiety disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • histrionic personality disorder
  • sadistic personality disorder

Disorder classification 

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Interestingly, two of the above-mentioned conditions are also a part of the bigger cluster of personality disorders that include antisocial disorder. 
Generally, there are three clusters of personality disorders that combine several smaller conditions. 

Cluster A/ClusterB/Cluster C 

They are also known as 


An antisocial personality disorder is grouped in Cluster B alongside 

  • narcissism personality disorder 
  • histrionic personality disorder
  • borderline personality disorder 
  • narcissism personality disorder
However, lately, scientists have been debating whether the histrionic condition should be clustered with such serious disorders. 


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Unfortunately, there is no treatment for adults with the diagnose. When noticed as a child, you can hope that behavioral and social exercises, as well as constant support and communication from the parents, can reshape behavioral patterns. Furthermore, a childhood in a family with antisocial behavior history and environment is more likely to develop the signs themselves. 

Thus, proper surroundings from early childhood offer a great chance that a kid will grow up with the understanding of empathy. 

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