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 My Hero Academia is full of very interesting and unique Quirks. Some of them are more regular than others, and some are simply hilarious. This My Hero Academia Quirk Generator will add a few more powers! Here is a shortlist of the Quirks that I find the most interesting. Not necessarily super-powerful, but they are intriguing. 

Gran Torino’s Jet

mha quirk generator
This is a cool Quirk that has proven to be effective both in offense and in defense. As he shoots with the speed of light, this is the perfect basis for any combat style. If I had this Quirk, I’d create my combat style with sneak punches and slams. However, what brings me the most joy is the combination of this super fast and energetic Quirk with Gran Torino’s age. He is an old man already and should move almost like a turtle almost. And, yes, he hides his powers under the facade of a grumpy grandpa, but we know how strong he actually is. 

One for All

mha fan made quirks generator
And this Quirk is on this list not because of its incredible power. I have two reasons for liking it. First of all, it gathers the native powers of all bearers and gives you access to them to some extent. This is not a Copy Quirk, like Monoma’s; this is something better! And I don’t like All for One just because it’s a villainy Quirk in the franchise. Be it represented in any other way, All for One would be amazing. The second reason I like it is the way it’s super strong for Midoriya. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like that it hurts the poor boy, but the realism shown in the process of learning and training hard to improve your Quirk is refreshing for anime. While most other shonen operates on the principle: willpower can get you through any fight, and any boy can beat a thousand-year-old villain, BNHA is slightly different in this regard. 

Monoma’s Copy

custom quirk generator
Speaking of Monoma, I actually like his Quirk. With proper training, it may become a power to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Monoma is a bit too sure in his strength and probably won’t max it up. If Mirio had this power, his dedication would make a powerful weapon out of it. Though Copy comes with certain restrictions, I’d still like to have this kind of superpower. It allows you to be versatile in combat, but you also have to learn everything and anything about Quirks, battle tactics, and so on. Plus, the general knowledge should be extensive as well. You never know what kind of information is needed to operate a Quirk. 

Hawks' Fierce Wings

quirk randomizer
Okay, I was seriously debating here between Brainwash, Creation, and this one. Clearly, Hawk was the winner, but, commonly, she can fly! How much time and peace of mind would you have if not for the hectic city traffic? Amazing. Truth be told, if you could only fly, I wouldn’t include him here. But the fact that each one of his feathers is detachable and can do its own business is mindblowing. Just imagine how concentrated you have to be to control through hundreds of individual feathers! This is truly an impressive power! All fans of BNHA quirks should also take this My Hero Academia Quiz

Quirk My Hero Academia Quirk Generator Questions

quirk generator What kind of military invention do you believe is the most important?
  • tank

  • submarine

  • machine gun

  • nuclear weapons

  • rocket launcher

  • trebuchet

  • crossbow

quirk generator Would you like your superpower to be physical or mental?
  • physical

  • mental

quirk generator Are you a religious person?
  • yes

  • no

quirk generator Would you rather be a Giant or an elf in Harry Potter World?
  • a giant

  • an elf

quirk generator Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good?
  • totally

  • no way

  • only if it's inevitable

  • not for the greater good, but for my family

quirk generator What kind of animal would you like to become in next life?
  • a cow

  • a lizard

  • a jellyfish

  • an elephant

  • a wolf

  • a rabbt

  • a Tasmanian devil

quirk generator What kind of computer games do you prefer?
  • racing

  • puzzle

  • aventure

  • RPG

  • battle royale

  • horror

  • fighting

quirk generator If you face a task that you cannot complete over and over again, how fast will you give up?
  • almost immediately; I become irritated and anrgy

  • After several tries, I need more to time to improve my skills

  • not soon. I'm too stubborn for that

quirk generator What kind of abilities would you hate the most to have?
  • controlling object and substances

  • something connected to body modifications

  • something that makes me too overpowered

  • anything to do with fire

quirk generator What is your body type?
  • ectomorph (loosing weight is easy)

  • endomorph (gaining weight is easy)

  • mesomorph (gaining muscle is easy)

What backpack would you choose?
  • BNHA quirk generator
  • BNHA quirk generator
  • BNHA quirk generator
  • BNHA quirk generator
quirk generator If you see a corrupted politician being robbed, what is your reaction?
  • I'm glad inside! Will just walk by

  • I'm jst scared for my life, hide or run away

  • I'll call police, but sloooowly

  • I need to stop the robbery and save them!

quirk generator Choose a destination for your next vacation
  • somewhere to relax on the beach

  • somewhere to sightsee

  • somewhere to shop

  • some snowy mountains

quirk generator What UA class would yo want to attend?
  • 1A

  • 1B

quirk generator Imagine that you wake in a dark room with everything around yo being unfamiliar. What is your reaction?
  • panic and scream for help

  • just silently cry

  • touch everything round and look for a way out

  • try to find something nearby that produces light

quirk generator Would you like to become a Pro Hero?
  • yes, I'll learn to control and use my powers for good

  • maybe, I'm not sure I can be the best Hero

  • no, I'll remain a civilian and will use my power for personal reasons

quirk generator Can you live as a vegetarian for a month?
  • no way, not even a week!

  • what do I get from that? If the prize is good, I can

  • easy

  • I'm already a vegetarian

quirk generator Can you commit to mastering a hard superpower?
  • yes, I'm hard-working and will learn to control it

  • it's not a thrilling idea, but I will commit if given a complex power

  • something of moderate compleity, please

  • no, I'd like it to be natural and atomatic

mha quirk generator Is English your native language?
  • yes

  • no

quirk generator What is your favorite kind of alcohol?
  • beer

  • wine

  • champagne

  • cocktails

  • rum

  • gin

  • tekila

  • whiskey

  • I don't drink

quirk generator Which of these words can you add to your Hero name?
  • devil

  • star

  • master

  • storm

  • eternal

  • bear

  • secret

quirk generator If your Quirk is violent, will you use it anyway?
  • yes

  • no

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