What Is Your Nen Type?

By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 5 months ago
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There are 6 different nen types represented in the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime. The show’s fans know how intricate the whole nen concept is in the story. Most of the characters have unique abilities, but they all come from nen. And improving your abilities is closely connected to strengthening your life energy (a.k.a. aura) and learning to manipulate it. Now, if you were transferred into the world of HunterxHunter, do you think you’d have an ability? I think yes! That’s why we need to uncover precisely what type of nen you possess. Life energy is an intricate essence. It manifests and can be harvested in many ways. Although the energy is unique to us, there are several commonly recognized types that I’ve mentioned before:
  • enhancement 
  • emission
  • conjuration
  • manipulation 
  • transmutation
  • specialization 
In-universe, you undergo a special Water Divination test to discover your nen type. This is the most popular way to determine your aura type. It’s done under a straightforward rule - you need to lace a leaf atop a glass of water. Then, you place your hands on the glass and perform Ren. At home, you can try to focus aura in your hands mentally. However, considering that we are not in the world of HunterxHunter (so far), I bet your leaf will just stay as it is. This is why we need an alternative test to Water Divination. And we’ll be using our Earth technologies for that! An online test it is!   
what is my nen type
An interesting notion is Hisoka’s personality test (or HisoHiso no Ōra Betsu Seikaku Bunseki). He explains that he can determine an aura type by judging a person’s character. And here are approximate traits. 


These people are determined, stubborn, honest, and straightforward. Their nen abilities are simple yet powerful.


Emitters are impatient, short-tempered, and hotheaded. However, their impulsivity is fleeting as well; they calm down fast. Most emitters prefer long-range skills. 


Transmuters - whimsical weirdos with an attitude. They rarely uncover their true personality to others and hide behind a “mask.” Nen abilities are unique and unpredictable. 


Manipulators are highly logical, sly, and always follow their goals. Prefer to keep families afar and safe. 


Conjurers - serious and stoic. Don’t trust easily. Abilities are very practical and logical. Have a strong sense of justice. 


Specialists have unique abilities not classified with other types. They are often secretive and have a great deal of charisma and charm around them. For more anime tests, you can complete this test: What Bender Are You?   

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