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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 12 months ago
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What type of bender are you? 
  • air 
  • water 
  • fire 
  • earth 
These are the four main types of elemental bending found in the world of Avatar. If you’ve seen the series, you know that is one more highly rare type of bending - energy bending art. It precedes the four elemental arts. Considering that this is such a rare art, it will not be included in this quiz. For now, you can find out which of the four elemental bending arts runs in your blood. You may be surprised! 

Bending Arts 

Do you feel a closer connection to one of the four elements? If it’s an unmistakable feeling, then it will probably be your chosen element. However, there is no guarantee that this particular element will choose you. After all, mages rarely choose their powers. Think about Harry potter and four Houses. This choosing ceremony is something similar. The quiz will evaluate your character and inner world and offer the element that suits you the most. So often, we don’t even know our true selves. We build the perfect image, try to follow it, and simply see it in a mirror. Such a personality quiz is meant to determine your bending type based on the intuitive answers you give. So, you’ll see only the proper version of yourself if you answer honestly uncover the things you genuinely believe. Here’s a short overview of the four bending arts. 

Bending Arts Quiz 

which element bender are you


airbending is one of fans’ favorite because the story revolves around one of the last airbenders alive - Aang. It brings incredible popularity to this element. However, airbending is inspirational in itself. This is a versatile type of bending that can be used both for offense and defense. Plus, it’s a tricky type to learn, and if you master it, you are a worthy mage. 


Waterbending is another versatile and complex type of bending. It’s used in battle in whatever matter the “wielder” wishes. However, you need years and years of practicing to reach this mastery. Despite the highest precision of the techniques, it’s a flowing and smooth style that looks flexible and aesthetic even when attacking. 


Firebending is a solely offensive type of bending. However, in careful hands, it can be used in daily life and as an “offensively-protective” shield of defense. At the time of the story, many benders are used to boosting their magic with negative emotions. However, negativity is not needed to “fire up” this magic in its nature. 


Earth bending is a highly underestimated technique only because of the unique style of wielding it. Bender practice concentration day after day. They may be immobile during most fights, but it only means that they are reaching neutral jing and waiting for the right moment to strike. Earthbending techniques are mighty and powerful, just like their muscular wielders. This art has managed to turn its strong defense into offensive moves when needed. I hope you’ll get the element that will satisfy your fighting style! If you are a fan of anime in general and would like to complete another test, I can recommend this Haikyuu quiz.   

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