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By: Denis Priesnov
Created: 10 months ago
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 In the mid-2010s, One Direction was the favorite boyband of teenagers. In addition to peer fame, the band has won numerous rewards for their songs and albums. Furthermore, the worldwide recognition of 1D among fans and professionals made this group highly popular for years to come, even after their hiatus. 
If you are here, it means you are a big fan of 1D from the years of its peak fame, right? Or, you’ve just discovered the band? Then you still must be young because 1D was a massive hit when many of us were impressionable young girls.
Anyway, no matter how long you’ve been listening to the boys, I’m sure you’ve learned a lot about them already. There’s no way a fan wouldn’t know some minor details about 1D’s members and musical successes. 
That’s why this test is meant to show just how well you know One Direction and check which parts of the band’s history you need to review. 
One Direction Quiz
one direction fan quiz
Are you a trivia expert? Can you pass any quiz with flying colors? If you are a master trivia guru, I’m sure you can get 100% n this test. If not, use all your might and skills to provide only correct answers and show how big of a One Direction fan you are. 
The test will consist of 22 questions. This small number will take no longer than a couple of minutes! Besides, it already offers possible answer options. You don’t need to write anything - just click your mouse 22 times and get your result! 
Note that only one answer is correct. This is because there are no multiple-choice cases here. 
If you are a true expert, try this challenge - complete the whole quiz in 1 minute! Can you do it?Challenge accepted?
If so, leave your results in the comments section. We’ll make a small competition of who can pass the quiz faster. Note that only 100% of correct results are eligible. If you get a lower success rate, you’ll have to redo the quiz and start the tracker anew! 
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one direction fan quiz
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